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Julia said,

15:29, May 04, 2016 #

I can’t describe in words how thankful I am that somebody gave me your book. I smoked for more than 6 years and 20-25 cigarets a day.
I have tried to quit smoking a couple of years a go, but it was a disaster. That’s the reason why I was really scared to quit again. But thanks to your book it was so much easier than the previous time. Like you said, it’s all in your head.

I want to thank you so much. It is more than a year a go that i’ve quit smoking and i feel great!! Thanks to Allen Carr!

Mc Ambros said,

10:19, May 04, 2016 #

good morning Allen. by some friends have come into possession of your book about smoking.
I read it very carefully and I have to say that after this’ I quit smoking without any problem and I’m excited. Thanks Allen.
I am a Swiss who has lived in Montreal for many years and now are on a island in the up / East Asia.
It does not seem true that for several months I quit smoking all nice.
Thank you

Mc Ambros

Matthias Flor said,

18:24, Apr 20, 2016 #

I’m 18 and have only been smoking for two years (10-a-day).
What a relief. I actually didn’t do anything, the biggest effort I made is reading that short book.
I even enjoyed the process of quitting and it was nothing of a cure, nothing of a psychological sermon, nothing of a brainwashing, nothing of a hard philosophical book. It was extremely welcoming, easy and enjoyable to read. I don’t really know what to say, I didn’t expect that before reading the book, I was very sceptical before opening it actually and thought it might be one of those infinitely many boring and blaming stories like “it’s bad, unhealthy, filthy and disgusting”.
The book solely says HOW to stop.
Beforehand I just thought “well let’s give it a shot… I can read it but still keep smoking afterwards if I’m not convinced”. And now I see it’s not about being convinced, but only about realising it is as simple as ABC.

Thanks to Allen Carr.

Carl Beveridge said,

07:15, Apr 19, 2016 #

Nothing more i can say but thank you.
Carl Beveridge
Western Australia

Jenny said,

10:01, Apr 13, 2016 #

Allen Carr,

I am writing to thank you for your book Easyway to Control Alcohol. I listened to the audio version of the book several times, and the book changed my life for the better. I particularly liked how you explained that controlling alcohol consumption is never being free from the poison. I tried the control approach for several years. Now, I am free and happy and am so glad I listened to the book. I cannot thank you enough.


Chris said,

23:39, Apr 11, 2016 #

I was a heavy smoker and drinker for years until I discovered easy way. First I gave up tobacco five years ago. I tried unsuccessfully to quit using the willpower method, several times and without success. Reading your book changed my entire attitude to smoking and made the experience of giving up an enjoyable one. Your book gave me my life back and restored my health for which I will forever be grateful.

Two weeks ago I started reading the easy way to control alcohol. I have known for a long time that alcohol was something I needed to stay away from as it is a destructive, poisonous drug which was doing me great harm. I quit for three years but then fell back into old habits when I changed jobs, believing it would help ease stress and give me joy. Now I know my drinking was in fact the major contributing factor to my stress and, far from giving joy, was causing me nothing but misery and upset.

Having finished your book, I know I will never need to drink again, what would be the point? I am free from the drug devastation now for life, and I have never felt happier at the prospect of a long, healthy and happy life without alcohol. When I finished the book I had tears in my eyes I was so happy.

Your books change lives. They have the power to transform society. Your books have given me my life back, free from the clutches of nicotine and alcohol. It is difficult to put into words how happy I am, thank you so much.

Chris, Uppingham

Lesley said,

03:19, Apr 10, 2016 #

I went to the February 2016 seminar. I was a committed smoker for 38 years. I left the seminar and I have not smoked since. Not only that, but I have no desire to smoke and I recognize what nicotine does to you. It controls everything. I am free now. I never thought I could live without smoking and here I am. Thank god for your seminar. No. Not one cheat, no inner turmoil. Nicotine is not your friend, it will take everything from you.

Tom Steketee Jr. said,

11:51, Apr 09, 2016 #

I had tried to quit about 15 times before I listed to Allen Carr’s book. The narrator was amazing, I think he is partly to be praised as well. I finally decided that I wanted more than anything that I wanted to be a non smoker, not just an ex-smoker. Cravings were the hardest part for me. This time they are not. Non smokers dont crave cigarettes, they despise them! I finally saw myself from the other side! Thank yo soooo much Allen for taking the time out of your own life to share with others how to see the truth and stop believing the lies. Not only has this book helped me quit smoking but using the same principles I now stopped drinking and other addictions I thought were impossible to stop. I could go on forever, the excitement I feel after 3 months free of ciggarettes is more than I ever thought possible. Yippee!! Im a non-smoker!!!

Robert Holmes said,

22:53, Apr 08, 2016 #

Ah yes. 13 years today.
Would like to say another big thank you to easyway and an even bigger f>ck you to the tobacco companies.
See you next year!

Ashley said,

14:23, Apr 06, 2016 #

I didn’t believe it and am not surprised at all that anyone who hasn’t read the book doesn’t believe nor understand that to quit smoking is literally as easy as just not doing it. I stopped from a pack a day for 15 years and I feel amazing. Noone in my family or friends thinks it’s possible and if anything they look at me like I’m crazy and this method isn’t possible (obviously why they can’t look at it as a positive rather then just I’m insane and it isn’t possible no to withdrawl and have a horrid time of it is because of their own brainwashing) and I do feel pity for them they will never know unless they open their minds to how easy it really is and how freed you really become. For me it was the amount of time I spent smoking and worrying about smoking and where or when or worst how many I had left. I feel free

Lynn MacLeod said,

21:36, Apr 05, 2016 #

I am from B.C. Canada.
Okay, I didn’t exactly experience the “Oh joy, I’m going through withdrawals” happy dance that others seemed to have been privy to but after 22 years and countless failed quit attempts, I am now celebrating 38 days being smoke-free – All thanks to Mr. Carr and his book. He made me realize, wholeheartedly, that cigarettes really aren’t my best friends and that I can function without them. That realization was a priceless gift and one I never thought would ever get through to me. By the end of his book? Wow….just…Wow. Thank you Mr. Carr, peace and blessings upon you Sir…Rest in Peace.

Nikhil Bhavsar said,

08:32, Apr 05, 2016 #

I read Allen Carr’s ebook, “Easy way to stop smoking”, and I never thought that I would be writing this. In fact, I never thought I would quit smoking, I didn’t even want to! So I read the book, thinking that it would be impossible for me to quit smoking just by reading a book, so what is the worst that could happen?

Well, after 18 years of smoking atleast 20 cigarettes a day, I am on my 3 day of no smoking, with minimal withdrawals! And amazingly, I still have 5 cigarettes from the last time I purchased right in front of me and I haven’t even touched them!

Smokers, be careful about reading Allen Carr’s book “Easy way to stop smoking”, you just might give up smoking for the rest of your life!

I cannot get myself to smoke even if I want to! :) Thanks Allen!

P.S. I wouldn’t have believed any of these testimonials had I not experienced it myself.

Talal said,

13:20, Apr 04, 2016 #

Date: 4/03/2016
Yipeee im a non smoker

Margaret said,

18:53, Apr 02, 2016 #

I just finished reading Allen Carr’s book ‘The Easyway to Control Alcohol’ and I know, without a doubt, that I will not have another drink for the rest of my life. I tried AA but found too many inconsistencies and negative/fearful attitudes. I tried counselling. I tried cold turkey. I tried everything and just felt shame when I failed. I absolutely KNOW that alcohol will never be a problem for me again and I recommend this book to anyone who has even the slightest wish to quit drinking.

Richard A Fields said,

13:54, Mar 31, 2016 #

I was a 45+ year, 1-1 1/2 pack per day smoker who had thought about quitting for a while but didn’t really know how to go about it. I knew it was bad for me and most everyone I knew was no longer smoking. My wife had quit 25 years ago and was always complaining about the smell. So this was something I was now doing alone. Because I didn’t really know how, and I couldn’t imagine having the willpower to stop doing something I seemed to want to keep doing, I had never tried to quit before.

I came across Allen’s book and was pretty skeptical that reading a book would make a difference. I had seen some testimonials that people didn’t want to smoke after reading it and found that pretty hard to believe. I began reading the book and soon was feeling like I’d give it a go. I set my quit date for Thanksgiving Day, thinking that was cute because of the cold turkey reference.

Well, I finished the book two days prior to the holiday and had to stop the next day. So I actually stopped one day prior to the holiday. And it wasn’t that difficult. Certainly nothing like I had imagined. I thought I would have to fight constantly to not smoke and rely on my willpower. But Allen’s book taught me that knowledge is a tool to quit and that my idea of quitting was outdated and probably more like how my grandparents would have imagined quitting.

As a student of psychology, the book resonated with me, I immediately understood what he was talking about, i.e., the nature of addiction and the brainwashing. I felt strong and prepared from Day 1. I reread the book, or parts of the book, several times for reinforcement during the first few weeks. Today, I’ve been free for over 4 months. I plan to stay this way and never again pick up a cigarette. I breathe much easier and have stopped coughing so much. I don’t smell awful and can really can smell others that smoke as they walk by me. I regained my taste buds. I’m not standing out in the cold in winter to poison myself. I can watch a movie or attend a concert and not need a “break”. I can sit on an airplane and not feel anxious to land. I can engage in conversations and meetings and not have to excuse myself for a dose of poison.

This is the best book purchase I’ve ever made and probably the only book purchase I’ve made that actually changed my life. Thank you Allen Carr and everyone associated with the organization. I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking to quit smoking. I tell everyone that wants to know how I did it about this book. Again, thank you!

Kelsey Robar said,

02:19, Mar 31, 2016 #

Hi Alan,
I’m from Calgary, AB, Canada. I’m approaching 21 years old in May, and had been a smoker for just about nine years. That is, until I read your book. At first I was skeptical, but I love reading and figured I would go in with an open mind. I’ve never been so amazed that your words could cure my filthy addiction without much of a second thought. Your book saved my life, and I will spread your knowledge and name to anyone I can, in the hopes of helping them too. I come from a family of smokers, all who have grown into diseases and illnesses due to cigarettes. I thought I was destined to turn out like them too, but thanks to you, I can thoroughly enjoy the rest of my life as a happy, healthy, non-smoker. I seriously cannot express my appreciation enough. You’re a brilliant man! Keep up the great work!

ehb ahmd said,

04:49, Mar 30, 2016 #

thanks allen

Paul Finucane said,

18:42, Mar 22, 2016 #

I smoked for 20 years, between 30 – 40 per day.

I wanted to stop for a long time, I saw no pint in trying Nicotine patches etc as I could see no way that replacing nicotine with nicotine made any sense, the same went for e cigarettes and similar.

My girlfriend told me how she stopped with Allens book a few years ago and as she is way more sceptical than me regarding self help books or similar, and it worked, I decided to try.

I ordered the book and decided to do it in one go one weekend and to smoke as I normally would while reading it, I set the date and felt nervous leading up to it,I got to within 20 pages of the end and decided that as I would run out of time before the end and it may not be effective to finish it in one go and decided to finish the following day.I think this was the little monsters last efforts to keep me hooked).

This I did, I smoked my last cigarette, I told myself I will never smoke again.

For 2 days I had the odd pang, and today it is 3 weeks, I am as interested in smoking now as I am in learning self amputation, the book is a revelation and I urge every smoker to read it.

It is easy, there is no willpower requirement, I am astounded how good I feel and how much better off financially I am, I wake earlier with way more energy, the book is a revelation.

Thanks Allen

Diarmuid said,

11:06, Mar 22, 2016 #


Lisa said,

10:38, Mar 22, 2016 #

I’ve completed Allen Carr’s easy way to stop smoking and listened to the hypnosis CD that came with the book. I would like to say a big thank you, after being a slave for 10 years, I’m finally free, and every time I feel the monster inside asking for a nicotine fix, it makes me laugh because I know that I don’t have to feed it any more and it’s such a massive relief. Thank you so much. :)

Cindy said,

07:34, Mar 22, 2016 #

Cindy from Toronto, Canada.

I read some of these reviews online before I bought your book. I remember thinking maybe it worked for them. I did not believe that it could work for me. I’m a single Mom with 4 kids, not a heavy smoker but I smoked enough that I knew I needed to quit. I started to read your book but was worried that I would not find the time to finish reading the book. So, I paid for your on-line seminar. I dedicated one evening to watching all of it. Special message to any sceptical individuals. This works!!! Mostly because it contradicts any of the beliefs that you have about the reason that you continue to smoke. I always felt that it was never a good time to quit because my stress levels were too high. Once you read this book or watch the amazing online seminar, you will realize that there are NO logical reasons to continue smoking. The first few days after I quit, I thought about it but was able to quickly remind myself that it was no longer for me. I recommended your products to many friends. Unfortunately they were not ready to try it yet. It’s pretty amazing how well all of it is explained, all so logical. Thank you!! To all readers who want to quit. You owe it to yourself to try this. Seminar was worth every dollar that I paid for it. Good Luck!!!!

Anon said,

16:30, Mar 21, 2016 #

I attended the Southampton clinic and had to write to you to say a massive thank you……
I was diagnosed with lung cancer (aged 47) 5 years ago and underwent major operation to remove part of right lung followed by 4 months chemo and 36 daily sessions of radiotherapy. It completely changed my life BUT, can you believe, NOT my desire to smoke! I have hated myself (literally) for continuing to do this and never ever thought that the day would come where I found myself a ‘HAPPY NON SMOKER
Up until Saturday I had been smoking 20 cigarettes a day (sometimes more on the occasion where alcohol was involved) but had my last cigarette at 17.05 on Saturday in a car park in the middle of Southampton and have not, I repeat not, wanted one since. I have thought about cigarettes but am guessing it’s to do with my routine when I do and amazingly I still have no desire to want to smoke one………really don’t understand how you’ve managed to do this but I can’t thank you enough.
A million amount of gratitude sending your way and I will email again to let you know how I’m getting on……..honestly still cannot believe that I’m a non smoker!!!!!!!
Bloody Fantastic!

Паньженская Светлана said,

13:45, Mar 21, 2016 #

Доброго времени суток уважаемый Аллен!!! Хочется выразить вам благодарность, за ваши великолепные книги и эти чудесные открытия,для многих людей и для меня Три года назад у меня вызывало отвращение курение, я ненавидела себя,за то,что не могла отказать от этой гадости.Папа посоветовал мне почитать вашу книгу, сам её купил и вручил мне. Я люблю читать и мне не доставило особых хлопот за 3 дня дойти до последней страницы. Скажу честно, отказалась не сразу.На протяжении 3 месяцев покуривала, но уже отношение к этой отраве было другим.Одним прекрасным утром, я решила, что эта сигарета станет последней, так, как мне у меня было больше отвращения, чем удовольствия. Ликующее чувство живет во мне по сей день, с жалостью смотрю, на курящих знакомых. Неделю назад обнаружила, что у вас есть ещё книги про Алкоголь и Вес. Тут же побежала в магазин и с великим удовольствием прочитала обе. Теперь у меня стоят на полке Три ваши книги ; Легкий способ бросить курить ; бросить пить; сбросить вес. Это гениальные помощники!!! Спасибо вам ещё раз за ваши знание, которые вы изложили в книгах, а не оставили для лекций только для посещения ваших клиник.

Martina said,

11:28, Mar 21, 2016 #

Mr Carr’s.
I got your book from his daughter for Christmas, she is nukuřák and would like you to do away with it too.
I read the book and I must say it is amazing.
He became a smoker, but unfortunately only for ten days.
Přišlel day I can not handle stressful situation again lit a cigarette.
Now I read the book again and today zamack his last cigarette and become a non-smoker forever.
I would like to thank you because now I know I can do it and odprostím from the poison.
What you are doing is amazing.
Martina – Czech Republic

Waldemar Tanjukjewitsch said,

10:09, Mar 21, 2016 #

Hurra! Ich bin nichtraucher

Allen, you’re Awesome.

Elena said,

10:58, Mar 17, 2016 #

Hello! I would like to thank Allen Carr for his book an Easy way of Smoking, thanks to her I got rid of the nicotine addiction! And I’m very happy! Already passed 2 years as I don’t smoke. they flew and I even can’t imagine what was once a smoker! the horror, al formication!))) Thanks to this book quit Smoking many of my friends and loved ones. About the book I told my brother, he is also not Smoking for about 3 years. And if we smokers share with people my experience and many of them successfully got rid of his addiction thanks to the method of Allen. Have to say, Allen Carr deserves a monument! He opened our eyes to many things about which many people do not even think – it’s really a philosophy – a new view of the world. This man shed light into our minds. And, personally, I have reviewed many beliefs and values. A lot of things for me was actually easier))) This book taught me how to think. Allen made a very useful and really significant things for our world! Once again I Express my immense gratitude to him and all those with which this book came to me and to other people suffering from addiction. Thank you to everyone who continues to work Alanna and helps people in hospitals, print books and receives letters of gratitude;) Thank You All

Ashton Johnson said,

23:28, Mar 15, 2016 #

I struggled with a drinking for over three years. After several jobs and relationships ruined and failed attempts to quit I had resigned myself to just being doomed to drink my life away.

Rhea Butcher (a comedian on a podcast) mentioned in passing how Allen Carr’s Easyway helped her drop smoking. That night while down in my drinks I thought that if it was so successful for smoking there was probably a version for drinking. Huzzah there is!

I’ve had my first sober week in years and most importantly I have no desire to ever drink again. It’s not a struggle anymore.

Kayla said,

20:07, Mar 15, 2016 #

A year ago next month I purchased the easy way to quit smoking book and have loved being non smoker ever since! Seriously the only method that has worked for me!

Dmitry Nikonov said,

13:59, Mar 14, 2016 #

Dear EasyWay,

First of all thank you for showing the one and only way to stop smoking permanently. I have just stubbed out my final cigarette and feel like I’ll never ever have to smoke again. It completely erases the desire to smoke, opens up the mind to the brainwashing and gives instructions to be stopped. No matter what is going to happen in my life, whether good or bad, it it a relief to comprehend that I won’t have any desire to be a smoker again. I am happy to be a non-smoker! Share my joy and please read the book if you haven’t done so yet.

Thank you,
From Minnesota with Love

Mara said,

11:48, Mar 14, 2016 #

I’ve Left That Sinking Ship!


My name is Mara, I live in Eldoret, Kenya, and because of your book, I’m SMOKE-FREE!!!!!

Thank you so very much.

Dominic English said,

09:53, Mar 14, 2016 #

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today’s “ stop smoking “ session. It was both highly psychologically thought-provoking and even amusing – Emma was a superb therapist. For me, her final message summed up the seminar : “ I don’t smoke because I used to “ – brilliant.

Very best wishes to Emma and all of you too,


Gabrielle Kozik said,

05:32, Mar 11, 2016 #

I am free now whether I like it or not!!!
Thank you allen carr this was exactly what I was looking for!!
Los Angeles, CA

Lisa said,

19:30, Mar 09, 2016 #

I am on day three it’s a miracle there’s no panic, cravings I feel at last so hopeful for the future. If you have doubts you must book this course it’s a lifesaver!

Dalila said,

23:21, Mar 08, 2016 #

Hi, finished the book on March 1, 2016 and had my last cigarette that night. Have not smoked since and I feel great and so positive that I will never , ever go back. Have been a smoker for over 30 years and I can say IAM free!! The first few days are hard but hang on, it gets easier. Good luck to everyone who chooses this new lifestyle.

Montreal, canada.

Luke said,

16:24, Mar 08, 2016 #

Three years ago I read the easy way to stop smoking and I’ve never looked back and why would I need to? I was smoking for 12 years. I tried to ‘quit’ on so many occasions and cut down but we know how that ended. With that in mind I read the easy way to control alcohol last week. I read the book because I was sick of hangovers and knew that the book would probably help me stop drinking altogether (which I was probably hoping for anyway). I wasn’t what I’d say a big drinker, sport events, Saturday nights and your usual occasions like parties and so. I’m happy to say that I’m 30 years old and I’ve taken my last alcoholic drink and the cigarettes are long gone. The positive impact that this will have on my life is incredible. I wish I, like so many others could thank Alan in person and tell him how much he has changed my life. I am free thanks to him and with freedom comes true happiness. Thank you so so much, I will be forever greatful.

Faithfully, luke

Sarah said,

14:23, Mar 08, 2016 #

I am done!! After 20 years of casual smoking I decided I had had enough! I had gone to a friends for a meal on a wet November night, none of the other guests smoked so when I went outside (in the rain) to have my nicotine fix I felt pathetic and embarrassed! I knew when I came back in I smelt of smoke and immediately sprayed myself with perfume! Something clicked for me that night and after a few failed attempts in the past using the willpower method I decided this time I would try the Allen Carr Easyway book! Well it’s like magic, even when I was nearing the end of the book I still couldn’t see how it was going to work but it did! I know I will never smoke again and dont miss it at all! I almost feel like I have always been a non smoker! My family are so proud of me and I feel so much better in myself! I am exercising more, eating healthier and have taken up new hobbies! I can’t recommend this book enough! I am free!! Thank you

Christiane said,

10:56, Mar 08, 2016 #

Hurraaaaaa, endlich Nichtraucher. Tausend dank für das grandiose Buch.

vesna said,

10:27, Mar 08, 2016 #

Amazing i never thought in a million years i would give up smoking. I began reading Allen Carrs book on easy way to give up smoking on a Sunday morning by the afternoon i had finished the book. I never picked up a cigarette again i was a smoker for nearly 25yrs and i gave up , it has been 9yrs and i have never looked back. I would recommend this book to anyone that is seriously thinking of giving up.
thanks Mr Carr

Dominic English said,

13:07, Mar 07, 2016 #

Allen Carrs Easyway was just that – Easy! Turning the fear of giving up in to the excitement of being free from smoking. If you want to stop smoking for good I couldn’t recommend this seminar enough. Good luck to all of you who want to stop -

Ana said,

10:22, Mar 04, 2016 #


I want to tell you that I was with the help of your books left a cigarette .

I smoked for ten years and now do not smoke more than a month and I’m really happy .

thank you Ana

Anderson Sweden said,

07:59, Mar 02, 2016 #

Hi Allen! I also begun the 100 hour plan. Who’s with me? You can do this.
We are now a non smoker. Relax, the cravings will go away. It is a process. Accept the process and look forward to the other side. I stand by that it’s the best decision I have made in the last ten years.It’s all because of you. You are a big inspiration for all of us. Keep sharing more such to keep the society smoke free.

Sylvie said,

19:48, Mar 01, 2016 #

After smoking for 35 years, I quit cold turkey on June 16, 2014.

It’s been almost 21 months now. I have no cravings and I am SO HAPPY it’s finally over and I’m done with that filthy habit!

Every time I think about how free I am now, I have this huge smile on my face.

Thank you so much, Mr. Carr, for saving my life!

Anna said,

16:19, Feb 29, 2016 #

Good morning. I would , with all my heart, want to thank you for writting “Easyway”. It has changed my life and allowed me to get out of that horrible smoking trap that I’ve put myself into and continued to stay for nearly 6 years. Although I have to admitt it has taken me couple of times od reading your book and listening to the audiobook to get rid of all my false believes about smoking. Now,after listening to it again I feel like I understand what I have missed earlier – and I now I will never smoke again, simply because I don’t ever want to wast my life, time, happiness,money,low self-esteem, concentration and energy on that crap. I will never light up a cigarrette , risk is way to high for me.Thank you so much for your help , I will be forever grateful to you and your method.
With best wishes

Holly said,

14:11, Feb 29, 2016 #


I just wanted to say thank you. I attended a stop smoking course of yours and I’ve just passed my 3rd year of being a non smoker.
I’m so grateful.

Holly x

Ramzi said,

10:40, Feb 28, 2016 #

Mr. Carr saved my life and so it brings me great sadness to know I can never have the opportunity to thank him for it. Perhaps the closest I can get is to spread the word and keep his legacy going strong.

Yanaelle said,

14:32, Feb 26, 2016 #

Je me permets de vous contacter pour vous remercier du fond du coeur, je m’appelle Yanaelle Collin après avoir fumé pendant 8ans un paquet de cigarettes par jour et parfois deux en soirée, j’ai lu votre livre “arrêter de fumer tout de suite” et… Ce fût le cas, je suis une non fumeuse épanouie !!!! Vous êtes entré dans ma vie à un moment délicat et vous l’avez changé. Vous avez changé ma vie. Mille mercis.
Très sincères salutations


Paige said,

14:20, Feb 26, 2016 #

Hi !

My subject , we…
I say we because I couldn’t have done it without you, your repetitiveness , I appreciated it. Simple little sayings that stuck in my head. This book was so hard to put down, I was reading before work, lunch breaks, dinner , in between TV commercials, I fell asleep reading this beautiful book.
I can’t thank you enough.

Thankyou , Paige Bethel
Australia !

Robert Duncan said,

13:37, Feb 25, 2016 #

I stopped smoking nearly seven years ago with Allen Carr’s books. I had read the book a few times, but kept making excuses to myself for not taking that final step and stopping. If you are like that, have a little faith and take the final step, smoke that final cigarette and get on with your life. It’s every bit as easy and fun (yes, fun) as he says it is.
I look back on that first week with fondness as I recall how amazing it felt to no longer have to smoke – just the sheer sense of relief that the nightmare was over. Although smoking was on my mind a lot for the first few weeks, it was only because I was revelling in the fact that I was free of the need to smoke. I hardly ever think about smoking now,and when I do, it’s with a wonderful sense of happiness that I don’t have to do that any more. I don’t look at people smoking with envy; my heart goes out to them as I know how horrible it is to be dependent on nicotine, and I hope that they get free soon, too.
It’s tough to get other people to read the book as the same resistance that I used to show comes over them when I bring the subject up. But I recommended the book to my brother and he’s stopped too. And, a brief article I wrote about Easyway is going to be published in a textbook, so hopefully I’m spreading the word a bit.
I’m just sorry that I can’t thank Mr Carr in person. He has really changed my life, and I hope that his family know how people like myself hold him in immensely high esteem and are hugely grateful for what he has done for us.

Rachel said,

02:39, Feb 25, 2016 #

I don’t know you Allen Carr but you probably saved my life so I want to say a big thank you !!! I’ve been cigarette free for the past 7 years thanks to My Quit Smoking Coach!! It helped change the way I thought about smoking and I’ve told every smoker I’ve known since that it’s the only way! Thank you for freeing me!!

Scott said,

14:28, Feb 24, 2016 #

Yippee I’m a non-smoker Scott 23/02/2016

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