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James Hadley said,

17:07, Sep 19, 2015 #

dear Allen,

Thank you for your book. I listened to it from edge to edge. I did quit smoking. So thank you very much. I live in Florida. I do enjoy smoking.
but you are right. So I quit.

James Hadley

Brian E Grusnis said,

16:43, Sep 18, 2015 #

after 42 years I am finally free, Thank you. The party is over but the celebration has just begun!

ps I smoked my last cigarette on august 26th 2015 at 9:37 am, I was given your book on September 8th every question and suspicion I had was addressed.

Thank You

Kelly said,

12:30, Sep 18, 2015 #

I’ve smoked off an on for almost 40 years. I’ve never been able to successfully quit until now. I downloaded the audio version of the book and listened to it repeatedly for 5 days. Other than being drowsy, I have not side effects or cravings. This book laid out everything I knew to be true but for whatever reason could not convince myself of accepting. I will continue to listen to the audio version because it makes me happy – happy to know I am a non smoker and will be for life! Thank you!!!

Joe Sonnenberg said,

05:03, Sep 18, 2015 #

Hi I’m Joe living in California, I smoked for over 15 years. I went from a wheezing and hacking pack a day smoker to 100% breathing free capacity which has now enabled me to run miles and capture the personal freedoms I’ve always wanted. I am grateful I came across Allen Carr’s Easyway in the used bookstore. I laughed and thought it was a joke when I bought it. And just bought it for my own entertainment of laughs. Thinking there is “No easy way to do this”! The book proved me wrong and it worked.

Pouria Pourmand said,

16:30, Sep 16, 2015 #


My name is Pouria. I’m from Iran and I’m 34 years old. I wasn’t serious enough to quit smoking at that time but I liked to quit cause I knew smoking is not a good thing ( you know what I mean ). So I bought it and started to read. It took me about 18 months to finish. Not because the book has so many pages , No , because I wasn’t serious enough to finish it. But lastly I did it and guess what!? I REALLY DID QUIT SMOKING six months ago. I am really so satisfied and happy right now , very very happy. It was like a chance that I took and it really worked. Now I think to myself I will never ever smoke again , not even if I be sure I’ll get back to this world one thousand times again and again after I die. There is absolutely no need to smoke at all. I googled to find your website and share my experience in it for you and all the people who read this to say that you are doing a great job for all people in the whole world , even those you don’t even know. I’m sure that there are a lot of people like me whom you helped. You have done a great job so thank you with all my heart.

Jacek said,

06:09, Sep 16, 2015 #

Jestem z Polski.
Dziekuje Panu Alanowi za wspaniałą książkę, która bardzo pomogła mi w rzuceniu palenia. Nie mogłe sobie z tym sam poradzić po 15 latach, a teraz nawet mnie nie ciągnie.

Velislav Ivanov said,

00:23, Sep 14, 2015 #

I gave up smoking 4 days ago after reading your book. One of my colleagues recommended your method and I highly appreciate that.
I was 14 years old when I started smoking… I am 27 now and I think it’s about time to give up from this disgusting poison!

I am very happy and I believe in myself that I won’t go back to the cigarettes.

Keep up the good work and I shall pass the great directions forward!

Carrie said,

13:52, Sep 10, 2015 #

Hi Allen

I’m a 29 year old full time working mum and regarded my ciggies as the one thing that was associated to ‘me’ time and the only thing that supported me through my stressful life. It never actually occured to me it was the source of my stress until reading the book.

The thing that really rang in my head was the stress being created by the cigarette was actually ruining me, when I smoked I literelly felt like I would have a heart attack if people didn’t leave me in peace for two minutes so I could have my ciggie. If people interrupted ciggie time, god help them.

yay! 10 days done and I can honestly say I have not had one urge to light a cigarette and smoke. I have had the pangs of course, but I can no longer convince myself that smoking will do anything to help me!

Each day gets easier, and the first day was pretty easy anyway!

It’s not to say I’m now a stress free zen mother earth type that never shouts or get stressed but the stress hasn’t given me chest pais or a headache since the last day I smoked….

Jane said,

07:24, Sep 10, 2015 #

I have finished with alcohol as a result of controlling alcohol.
Every other method failed and I now feel fine. But I have a need to ‘sell’ it to my friends- they still drink and smoke and I let them get on with it, if anybody ever asked me for help I would advise them the book, which works great. Simple.

Tim said,

18:07, Sep 09, 2015 #





Lynette Kingipotiki said,

07:03, Sep 08, 2015 #

Hi, I am 61 and had been smoking for 47 years. I have tired time and time again to give up and read the first book of Allens 7 years ago and nothing happened. This time I read STOP SMOKING NOW and then listened to the disc. I feel different this time, I feel happy, relived, FREE. Im in the early stages but every so often I keep saying. I am a non smoker and will be for the rest of my life. All I can say is thank you Allen Carr, and Im sure your looking down from heaven, cheering me and many others on. THANK YOU from new Zealand.

Jason said,

03:54, Sep 08, 2015 #

I was pretty skeptical at first. Over the course of a few years though I have had two friends recommend this book. I finally grabbed the audio-book on iTunes.

All I can say is I have never felt so in control. All along… it was me. It’s my power. Not theirs. Not the nicotine. All me. As said in the book. I have the key to the prison.

I am 39 years old. I have been smoking since I was 16. Every time I tried to quit either cold turkey, medication, e-cigs. Failure. And always no sense of control.

But I have no idea what the secret to this book is. Reverse brain washing or what. But I am just in control. Never felt so strong.

Thank you for helping me save my life.

Krista said,

22:33, Sep 06, 2015 #

Almost four years ago, I had my last cigarette. I want to write this testimonial because what’s most wonderful is that I have been a very, very happy non-smoker. I do not crave cigarettes. I can still go to the bar and even stand outside with friends when they have their smoke, and I don’t want one. It’s important to understand that I had tried everything, many times over the course of many years, to quit; hypnosis, the patch, the gum, cold turkey. The most success I’d have was about 3 months and then I’d start up again. Truly, by the time I found Allen Carr’s program, I had failed so many times that I was beginning to become convinced that quitting would be impossible for me. I was starting to accept that I’d always smoke – and yet, I was so disgusted with that idea. I started smoking when I was 20 and quit at the age of 36. I turned 40 a few months ago and still can say one of the best days of my life was that day I did the 5 hour online webinar and had my last cigarette. I know that after 4 years, it’s a good time to write this testimonial.

Elizabeth Thickett said,

14:20, Sep 06, 2015 #

Hi, I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and this is the story of how I unintentionally and unwittingly stopped smoking. I am 65 years old & have smoked a packet a day since I was 20.

I had never heard of Allen Carr or the Easyway to stop smoking. I happened to notice the book “Stop Smoking Now without gaining weight” while I was in a queue at my local Post Office last February (2015). “Hmmm, catchy title” I thought to myself as weight gain had always been my principal excuse to continue smoking – so I purchased the book.

After I brought it home, I laid it neatly on my desk and there it sat – looking at me – for the next 6 months. A week ago I decided the time had come to move it to the bookcase but first I had to read it, because I’ve read every book that lives in the bookcase.

So I started reading (without really paying attention or concentrating much) and by the time I had reached page 65 the strangest thing happened! I found myself no longer wanting to indulge my addiction to this awful substance. I felt an amazing sense of freedom and excitedly told my husband about it. He was, not surprisingly, somewhat dubious, as we have both been smokers since before we met each other.

Since my transformation, I have continued reading the rest of the book – much more slowly and carefully – and today I reached the last few pages where I had to do the ‘last cigarette ritual’. It was so unpleasant that I only managed about 3 or 4 puffs.

Now my next hurdle is to get my husband to read this marvellous book but, like a true addict, he has already accused me of ‘pressuring’ him and says I should leave him to get round to reading it when he feels ready…

My son is thrilled that I have quit – he’s a non-smoker and has been telling me I should stop for the last 20 years. It feels great to finally (and painlessly) be able to call myself a non-smoker – thank you SOOOOO much Allen Carr!!!

Laetitia said,

18:08, Sep 05, 2015 #

Je voulais remercier Allen Carr d avoir écrit ce livre car j ai arrêter de fumer depuis maintenant deux semaines. Avant la lecture du livre je n avais jamais vraiment cru que je pouvais y arriver. J ai commence à fumer à l âge de 15 ans et cela jusqu’à mes 34 ans .Mes deux grossesses ne m ont pas permis d arrêter non plu.toutes ses années à être mal et à se sentir condamné. A travers son livre et son expérience j ai su que moi aussi je pouvais y arriver et cela a changé ma vision et ma vie un grand merci

Benedikt said,

14:22, Sep 02, 2015 #

Ich habe es endlich geschafft das Rauchen zu beenden. Schon nach den ersten Kapiteln habe ich gemerkt das dieses Buch mir sicher helfen wird. Vielen Dank dafür, ich werde jetzt mein Leben ohne Rauchen genießen und das Buch jedem Raucher empfehlen.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

I finally managed to quit smoking. After the first few chapters I realized that this book will certainly help me. Thank you so much, I will now enjoy my life without smoking and recommend the book every smoker. Sincerely, Benedict

barbara said,

13:24, Sep 02, 2015 #

My friend recomande your book.She stop smoking, and my brother read the book and stoped, and i stoped,,Now is turn on my sister:) Thank for book, and i hope that we help to you:) Have a nice life and good luck:))
3 people in one mounth for now:)

Katrina said,

13:19, Sep 02, 2015 #

I have now finished the book!! YIPPEEEE – I am a NON SMOKER

Thank you 

Katrina x

Chris said,

12:49, Sep 02, 2015 #

I attended the stop smoking clinic on 15 August 2015.

I just wanted to let you know that I was driving home on the M25, and I realised at that moment that I would always be a non-smoker. There was no fanfare, unlike when I’d read the book in the past and I was, perhaps, forcing the issue – it was simply a matter of fact.

I used the Control Alcohol book to quit drinking a few months ago, and I went to a 60th birthday party yesterday. A couple of times during the day, I pondered what I’d be doing at that moment if I’d been drinking – probably making a fool of myself, saying things I shouldn’t, and feeling unwell. It only struck me when I got home that I hadn’t once thought about smoking, despite the fact that I can now recall walking past people smoking outside – in short, it was as though I’d never been a smoker.

Thank you so much to you and the organisation for all your help.

Kind regards,


nikki mcgeady said,

10:50, Sep 02, 2015 #

I read only way and have been free for 6 month’s it has been an experience that has been the most significant in my adult life. I am about to turn 40 and now hope to live long enough to see my children have children. Thank you and bless you Allen.

Semeș Ștefan said,

15:37, Aug 30, 2015 #

Thank you! I am 19 years old and i’ve been smoking since i was 14. A have three weeks now and i’m feeling great.

Danni said,

19:49, Aug 28, 2015 #

I’m from Minneapolis, MN and I never thought anything would work when it came to getting me to quit. I mean, I almost died (from a blood clotting disease) and I still couldn’t quit! And to be honest I was pretty skeptical throughout the book. I didn’t think reading a book would help me quit smoking. I especially found it annoying that Mr. Carr would repeat the same thing over and over again. I realized about three quarters of the way through that it was actually working though, Allen Carr was changing my mindset about smoking. The repetitive nature of the book actually HELPED ingrain the thoughts in my mind. Today may only be my first day of not smoking, but I know that I will never do it again. I will never be a slave again!

Karen said,

10:28, Aug 28, 2015 #

I never thought I would be able to give up…even when my daughter moaned at me for smoking …I would try to justifie myself..the only person I was kidding was myself…I never thought I would be free …but now after finishing the book last night ..I put my last cig out..put the rest in the bin and will never ever smoke again..Allen Carr thank you so much for giving me a healthy happy life back.

Please read this book it amazing

Liz said,

23:06, Aug 23, 2015 #

Thank you Allen Carr for writing your book. Thank you for being you and not being afraid of what you believed in to be true.
I have not smoked a cigarette since reading your book 8 years ago and I was smoking 30 a day and enjoyed it (or thought I did). I had smoked since I was 14 years old- I was 38 years old when I stopped. I call myself a walking miracle as I stopped smoking through reading a book first time – How awesome is that !
Always will be grateful.
Love Liz,

Shelly said,

03:01, Aug 21, 2015 #

I’m an American.
Bless you, Allen.
Or just know you changed my life
I am so grateful for the information you made available.
I have severe PTSD (rough childhood) and I never learned how to manage stress.. At all.. But thanks to you, nicotine just doesn’t cut it anymore for “stress relief” now that I know the truth. It’s a powerful thing.
Many many thanks. Never felt so equipped to beat this.
I gave up hard drugs and alcohol and still couldn’t stop smoking.
You have no idea how much this has changed for me!!

I carry the rules in my pocket :)

Blerim elshani said,

02:56, Aug 19, 2015 #


Elisabeth said,

14:46, Aug 14, 2015 #

Dear Allen Carr!

I’m healed! (There is nothing more to say)

Thank you Allen Carr, the healer!

Gabriel, United States said,

13:52, Aug 14, 2015 #

Thanks for helping me quit smoking!!!!!

Deb said,

13:05, Aug 13, 2015 #

Just wanted to say thanks, to Allen Carr and his books i have been two months with out smoking, and i found it so easy to just walk away…Thanks Allen Carr, you save my life, and your seminar worked for my dad, he was a four pack a day smoker…leaving your seminar he was a non smoker for the rest of his life,
Thanks again, much gratitute

Michael B said,

15:17, Aug 12, 2015 #

I bought the lie as a young boy of 13. I’ve been a 20-30/day smoker for 33 years and thought that I would never be free. Like many smokers, I believed that I enjoyed only a few daily but was compelled to smoke even the ones that I despised. Although I knew that I was hooked on nicotine, I never understood that was the only reason to smoke. Easy Way has shown me the true nature of smoking; the life-long chain of drug addiction. It is liberating to be free. Allen talks about “the empty, insecure feeling of the body withdrawing from nicotine”. I have identified that experience in my body as a constant, dull anxiety as a background state. I always took that state to be ‘normal’. One of the greatest gains is to no longer experience that background of anxiety as my normal state of awareness! Having been shown the mysteries of nicotine addition, I can only view the disease in its entirety and will never see a single, isolated cigarette again. It is the life-long chain of slavery. Best of luck! You CAN do it! Allen Carr’s Easy Way can make it easy and pleasurable to free yourself of smoking!

Matteo said,

23:03, Aug 09, 2015 #

I am writing here just to say THANK YOU to Allen Carr.

Actually, when I started reading Easy Way, I was not even looking for a way to quit smoking. I was only curious what this book talked about, and at the end of the book I had already stopped smoking.

I think that this book tells you straight things that the smoker’s subconscious keeps away from you. In my case, what really made me quit smoking it’s been understanding and realising that I have never really liked it.

Also, now that I am not a smoker anymore, the more I see people around me smoking, the more I try to talk with them about it, the more I thank God for have red Allen Carr’s book.


Matteo Giordano, Rome, Italy

David Harrison said,

06:57, Aug 08, 2015 #

I feel like I have been put under some kind of wonderful spell!! Never in a million years did I think that all I needed to do to quit smoking was to read a book.
All the way through the book I was doubting (although deeply hoping) that this would work for me. I smoked all the the way through until the last chapter and then when I knew the time to quit was approaching, I started to feel excited. I smoked my last cigarette at half ten before bedtime, threw the remaining cigarette in the bin with my lighter and have not even wanted to smoke since, no noticeable withdrawal, no mood swings, no over eating.
I truly wish I knew why this has worked as I feel that I have not really done anything to make it work, it just has, and for that I am truly grateful.
I started to smoke aged 12 with the other “cool” kids in the village. I continued to smoke up to and around 20 a day for the next 24 years. Now with baby number three due soon I was desperate to quit and not die young. I was having constant headaches and dizzy spells (none since I quit). Palpitations in my chest (now gone) wheezing, panic of running low on smokes, dry cracked hands from washing them after smoking (all better now)
I bought this book for less than a fiver, read it on my kindle in about 4 days and now I’m free from nicotine and I can’t believe it. Thank you so so much!!

abel said,

14:40, Aug 06, 2015 #

Im nonesmoker now-

Rip allen carr
Thank you very much for helping me with the book.
This book should cost 1000 Euro.
Best book right next to the bible.
Thx mr. Carr thx Team carr
With best regards
Abel from Germany/eritrea

Jamie said,

11:04, Aug 06, 2015 #

Yippee I am a non smoker
My name is Jamie it’s the 31st of July 2015
I have just read the Allen carr’s easy way to stop smoking and I feel great, excited and so happy that I know I won’t smoke another cigarette. I have tried many times and failed, I don’t even feel scared about the fact that I will never smoke again, thank you so my Mr Carr.

Antroulla said,

07:51, Aug 06, 2015 #


This is to let you know that freedom is still upon me, the best £250 spent!!

Thank you


Dottie said,

14:35, Aug 05, 2015 #

FYI I am a successful client who took took in Allen Carr program in NYC 8 years ago.
I never had one puff of a cigarette since. Thank you for your wonderful program.

Adrian Williams said,

15:09, Aug 04, 2015 #

Well, it’s been 6 months to the day since my wife and I attended a smoking seminar in Exeter. We haven’t had a ciggie since that marvellous day, the odd slight desire but that passes within seconds, certainly not enough to make either of us have one.
How the course works is beyond both of us, but work it did. Just wish we’d done it sooner. At our age we’d have saved a fortune and enjoyed life more.
Thanks once more.

Rena said,

15:03, Aug 04, 2015 #

Eternally grateful to Allen Carr’s easy way to stop smoking books and seminar. I was a hard and fast smoker since the age of 13 to 30, in the end was chain smoking. I desperately wanted to stop and would try and try, tried patches but smoked at the same time :( went to counselling, tried nicotine gum, and will power, none worked for more than a few hours!
Times when any sane person would stop, I couldn’t. I would cry and smoke at the same time. I came to the seminar, and had a follow up and have not smoked since. It was not difficult, I did not have to try to stop. It was amazing. It is over 10 years now, since I have stopped and there is no desire at all for a cigarette. I wouldn’t want to go back to that awfulness. I hope people give it a try, and they will be so surprised and the freedom from the chains of smoking is priceless. I don’t have to worry about damaging my health through smoking, yet still carrying on smoking. Very happy customer!
Rena 28th July 2015

Paulo, Philippines said,

11:33, Aug 04, 2015 #

Hi allen Carr
I’m Paulo from the Philippines and currently working in Singapore as a nurse for 5 years. Finally I was able to finished reading your book easy way to stop smoking. I started smoking since I was 16years old and now I’m 26
, during those years I’m always trying my best to quit smoking using my willpower / “cold turkey method” , my longest as I remembered at least 1year, and I failed. As I recalled at least 5-6 attempts of quitting smoking but still I failed. The 2 main reasons why I always wanted to quit smoking because of financial and health. And the main reason why I always failed is because of peer pressure, especially if have occasion and that includes consumption of alcohol beverages. After I read your book now I’m very much confident that I will succeed to quit smoking lifetime, because you make me understand that this nicotine was controlling me and I shouldn’t let it happened again. Your techniques was superb and i don’t want to elaborate it more. What I really like most about your book was that you understand what smokers feel, and the reason was because your an ex smoker and also that makes me believed that I can succeed quit smoking because you was able to do it. To make it short your techniques was very helpful and I hope that one day that percentage of smokers will be lessen. I will introduce this book to those smoker s that I know personally and maybe someday will be an advocate of quitting smoking to help strangers smokers and Will make sure that they will be free to this nicotine addiction. thank you very much again.
I hope one day especially to those 3rd world country which Philippines is included that your technique of quitting smoking will be spread to them because I believed it will be helpful.

Gus O. said,

03:56, Aug 04, 2015 #

One year tomorrow 08/04/15 !

Seems like it was just yesterday that I was wondering if it could be done. I’ve never had/felt the slightest urge to pick one up again even after 32 years of a 2 pack a day habit.

You can do it too!

Jada said,

19:15, Jul 31, 2015 #

This book saved my so gratful to allen carr for formulating a sure fire method to not only stop smoking but for opening your eyes to the reality of what a cigarette and smoking is. I have smoked for 15 years, and for the first time i have no desire to smoke. I relaize how truly marvelous it is to be a non smoker. Thank you

Melissa in Mexico said,

17:46, Jul 30, 2015 #

I was a pack a day for 15 years kind of girl. After years of self shame for a lack of will power, the audiobook for women has saved my life. I was recommended this book years ago, but never thought about it again until I finally hit that I’m Ready moment. I started dating a guy who wouldn’t kiss me because I was a smoker, I finished the last cigarette on a Friday night determined that Saturday was going to be the new start to the rest of my life. I woke up Saturday morning in a panic and bought two packs. on the way home from the store, i also bought the audio version of this book swearing I was going to make a change and that if I could afford cigarettes, I could afford an audio book. I had a solid 8 hours of repetitive work ahead of me and a determination to make a change. I listened to the book in one sitting, I smoked the entire two packs in that time (a lot, even for me!) and my last few I had to forcibly smoke. Within days I had to clean all of my home and wash everything washable – the smell was wretched. My tastebuds came back to life and yet I didn’t gain weight! To the Allen Carr team – thank you for saving my life. I’m two years smoke free, have never had a craving or twinge of missing it, and am so so grateful for the changes it brought to my life. From this US expat living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to those of you around the world looking to make a change… when you’re ready you’ll do it with ease and will never look back.

Carla said,

13:09, Jul 29, 2015 #

Thank you, Allen Carr.
A pack a day for 20 years and then 6-half a pack a day for 3 more. I was a serial quitter, always using willpower, always failing. Now I know I’m fee. I don’t miss smoking at all and am relieved not to feel the need to smoke. Thank you!
I’m getting two more copies of the book – one for my father who has smoked for the last almost 52 years and one for my daughter who has smoked for the last two years. Thanks again,


Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA

Natasha said,

13:47, Jul 23, 2015 #

I have a friend who has smoked for around 10 years. We both live in beautiful Vermont. I told him he should stop smoking and he agreed. We later came up with a plan if he quit smoking I would quit a bad habit of my own. He didn’t want to use any NRT products or participate in any therapy sessions or take perception drugs. He wanted to do it on his own. We ordered the Easy Way book offline after finding out someone we new quit smoking with this method as well. I read it to him and he read it solo and it worked he quit smoking and has been smoke free for more than a year now and I quit my bad habit with help from him. I was so surprised and more than happy. I have to say at first I had my doubts and I was worried he would read the book and end up not quitting. I have never smoked and I read the book anyway. I never knew about the Easy Way and always try to help people who want to quit get rid of the habit. I now recommend this strongly over all else for people who have a strong desire to quit.

Jeané Eloff said,

10:50, Jul 23, 2015 #

I smoked a pack a day for 8 years.

I had my last cigarette by the time I reached page 83.

Thank you Mr Carr for helping me escape these monstrosities.

Jeané Eloff
South Africa

Bryant Thompson said,

00:19, Jul 21, 2015 #

I was one of the many that thought they would be the only one that could never give up. I watched my sister read Allen Carr’s book—and stop. It was amazing, she had been a heavy smoker for 35 years and she just stopped. She gave me the book and I began to read it but stopped. As I turned the pages I realized that if I continued I would have to stop, the old doubts came into my head questioning whether I could actually stop. I put the book on the shelf and left it for 3 months. Every day I thought about it though and of course each time I saw my sister I was aware that more and more time was between her stopping and today and how well she looked. So I took the book daown, read it from cover to cover and stopped! In the end it was easy. There was no physical pain of deprivation or withdrawal. Nothing. That was 8 years ago last June (2015) . I had been a heavy smoker for 49 years. Everyday I thank Allen Carr for writing his book. my only regret is that I didn’t find it earlier in my life. Apart from my sister I have 7 friends who have also successfully stopped smoking using just Allen’s book.
Years ago I wrote to the appropriate government minister in NZ suggesting that they could improve their efforts towards smoking reduction in our country. Our government, through our taxes, subsidises patches and gums and phone talk lines and so on. All for a tiny 4% success rate. My suggestion that they put the same money into subsidising Allen Carr clinics or even just the books for a greater that 90% success rate all fell on deaf ears. The minister’s office wrote back thanking me for my letter and saying, “We’ve heard of Allen Carr”.

Donovan said,

13:23, Jul 20, 2015 #

I am being completely honest when I say that watching Allen Carr’s Easy Way has been the best decision I have ever made… Having the freedom to do anything without that annoying craving is absolutely awesome, Food tastes better, fragrances smell sweeter, fitness feels better, and most importantly, no more coughing and wheezing. It is truly the best feeling to officially say that I am a non smoker and have been so since November 2014.

I cannot thank you enough for making this burden an easy one to overcome. Having this new lease on life feel absolutely amazing and i truly recommend your product to every smoker that wants to quit.

Keep up the non-smoking revolution!


Katharina Frank said,

10:00, Jul 16, 2015 #

Hurra! Ich bin nichtraucher

BP said,

07:57, Jul 16, 2015 #

many special thanks to Allen Carr…. I’m suffering from allergic bronchitis…and afraid of Chronicle Asthma soon, if i continue to smoke… although i have been hospitalized on so many occasions and being repeatedly suggested from doc’s to quit smoking … i was not able to do it…. each attempt was failed miserably… and you know, the self respect, and hiding the facts from the loved one’s about your habit…always made me feel insecure, kinda betraying feeling, which is actually horrible.

And the health critical component, i used to cough a lot, unable to keep myself hygiene, filthy appearance, absolute slavery. envying the non-smokers or x-smokers and pretending that i enjoy the life better than them… oh god!! in which world am i living inn??

Thanks to Allen Carr, to make me realize the facts… and indeed helping me out to quit it!!! by the way easily!!!! :-)

Lots of love for offering me a healthy and cheerful life!!!

Sean said,

15:12, Jul 14, 2015 #

Thanks to you guys, I haven’t smoked a single cigarette since 5th November 2001.

The thought of smoking never enters my head and I could no more associate smoking a fag with the relief of stress than eating cat food!

Thanks for 14 years of freedom from that wretched prison.


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