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What happens at our Stop Smoking clinics?

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Gunjan said,

19:37, Feb 03, 2016 #

I purchased a voucher for my husband to stop smoking, he has been a smoker for over 16 years and just one day’s session made him stop smoking in one go which I never expected, it’s been three months since and he hasn’t smoked even once. This was one of the best things I ever bought for him! Highly recommended

Just said,

18:01, Feb 02, 2016 #

Hello Everybody,

My name in Just, I am 33. I lived 7 years in Romania and now I am back since 2 years in my town, Lyon, in France.

I started to smoke at 16, stupidly. I was on holidays with a group of 20 teenagers, I was the only non-smoker guy, one “friend” gave me one cigarette…It was disgusting but…you know the story…

Then I used to smoke “happily” 16 years between 10 and 20 cigarettes per day. Till I almost kill myself…The cigarette is not the only reason I almost made this egoist and stupid thing but it participated; when you smoke, you are not yourself, you are not really happy, you are playing a role, under the slavery of the nicotine…when you are playing a role, it can be dangerous…

Since I came back in France after this terrible night, I started to read different kind of books (mostly linked to the self control). I tried 5 times to stopped smoking, just using my willingness. It last between 3 and 4 weeks each time. I was planning to make another try to stop, beginning of January, when I saw the book “La methode simple pour arreter de fumer” in a library in Lyon. It was well promoted in this library, a good sign. I remembered, it was between Christmas and New Year Eve, I was looking for a book to my future father in law.

I read the book, I understand clearly everything. It is like I was in the darkness and then I saw the light :) I stopped to smoke at the end of the book. As I had still few doubts about my capacity to succeed, I came back to the library and I bought the book “La methode simple pour arreter de fumer sans prendre de poids” which was my crutch during my weaning period.

I stopped to smoke 2 weeks ago, I almost finished the 2nd book (which is very good to read after the first one); I experimented almost everything is explained in both books and I agree about everything. I am convinced now I will not smoke again. I run more, I swim better, I play tennis as I was 20 :), I did not gain 1kg and, the most important, I feel free inside me.
I already tried to convince my friends, It will take time but, when they will want to stop smoking, I am sure they will contact me.

In my professional life, I had a high position in a retail company in Romania, I am now creating my own company in the tourism area. I would be please to help you, if you need of course, to participate to some conferences or just to speak to some smokers or whatever I can do.

I am getting married this year, it is probably the best gift I could do to myself, my future wife and my future family.

Thank you,

sumit said,

15:53, Feb 02, 2016 #

Just wanna say: Thank you, thanks a lot.
I owe you, Sir :)

Zusammen said,

15:07, Feb 02, 2016 #

Hallo zusammen ,

Ich bin Klaudia Schuster, 38 Jahre aus Deutschland , 5 fache Mama und glücklich verheiratet.
Und ich habe das Buch “Endlich Nichtraucher” gelesen ( 2x in wenigen Wochen ) ;)

Ich bin unendlich stolz und wahnsinnig dankbar sagen zu können, das ich endlich Nichtraucher bin !

Mein großer dank gillt Allen Carr , ich bin mir sicher das er auch vom Himmel aus sein Geschenk an die Menschheit auf ewig feiern kann !!
Vielen dank für dein Werk

Ganz liebe Grüße an das Team
Klaudia Schuster

David said,

13:37, Feb 01, 2016 #

I have stopped ! Just read the book by Alan Carr. I’m free !

Farruh said,

20:25, Jan 28, 2016 #

My name is Faruk, and I am from Tajiksitan, I am 25 years old, i have been smoking since i turned 19, all these years i have been trying to quit, hated somiking,hated myself for smoking, depending on cigarettes, until i was adivised by a friend to read Allen Carr’s Easy Way to stop smoking. Initially i was skeptic about this book, because i new how serious was my addiction on cigarettes and i thought there are no easy way to quit. I swear after reading this book, i got answers to my fears, and it was the fear of quitting that had been stopping me from quitting. I quit the second i finished the book, haven’t smoked my last cigarette and haven’t smoked since, Thank you guys very much, YOu just cant imagine how happy i am. The feeling of Indepent, high self-esteem, energetic and happiness. Thank you guys you are a life saviour.

Jagandeep said,

16:01, Jan 28, 2016 #

Before I was a non smoker, I was a chain smoker, believing the magic roll ups were less damaging, after a life changing incident I knew I had to give up or die. At the age of 40 I thought death was not an option, with the help of your book I have gained so much and can call myself a non smoker, thanks Allen. Will be recommending your book to many, Many thanks once again Jagandeep

Ryan said,

10:02, Jan 28, 2016 #

I finished reading this book 21 days ago and am thrilled to be sending you this email! I am grateful that this book came into my life and that you had a vision to touch lives. Thank you for sharing your experiences!! I am better off because of it.


Kawarau Ngaia said,

21:33, Jan 27, 2016 #

Thank you thank you thank you….41 years a smoker. The book literally fell into my lap….so I took it as an omen….this was 4 days ago. I’m a happy non-smoker. No more fears…thank you.


Normanby 4614
New Zealand

lindsey freegard said,

15:15, Jan 27, 2016 #

So glad I tried Allen carr’s dvd, five years free, thank you.

Michael said,

10:27, Jan 25, 2016 #

Dear Sir or Madam

I just finished reading the Alan Carr book “Finally Nonsmoker!”

And I am already a Nonsmoker! It’s an amazing and happiness feeling.
Thank you very much!

Best regards
Michael Meißner

K said,

00:59, Jan 24, 2016 #

Allen Carr’s EASYWAY TO STOP SMOKING crushed my 43 year habit and addiction in 10 hours and I’ve never looked back. What a blessing this book has been to so many.

John said,

13:06, Jan 22, 2016 #

I’m in the ex smokers club:-)

Hi there,
Just to let you know that your book makes so much sense. I was smoking just 3/4 cigarettes a night from 9ish when I sat down and relaxes or when I had drink with friends…and I hated myself for it. But now I just look at it for the pathetic habit it really is, Thanks for making me see sense.

John from Gravesend.

Mark Clark said,

22:17, Jan 21, 2016 #

I am so elated that I have kicked the “Little Monster” to the curb and I am no longer a slave to him anymore. I Started smoking when I was 16 years old, I am now 53. Thank you so very much Allan your book was a great read and I honestly took it all onboard.

Mitko said,

14:44, Jan 20, 2016 #

Dear Mr Carr, I am Mitko – I am from Bulgaria and I am 17 years old! Well, I started smoking last year when I was 16.. Then I realised that this was my biggest mistake.. I tried so many ways to stop smoking but I couldn’t.. Now, I am non-smoker because I read your book! I am very happy of this fact. Really thank you for everything!

Simon said,

10:10, Jan 20, 2016 #


Thank you!

Kindest regards,


Graf said,

09:47, Jan 20, 2016 #

Vielen Dank für dieses Buch Herr Carr! Ich habe das Rauchen noch nie aus dieser Sicht gesehen. Seit 4 Jahren rauchte ich täglich eine Schachtel Zigaretten und wusste nie wirklich weshalb eigentlich. Jeder Versuch der Raucherei zu entkommen ist fehlgeschlagen, wie auch in dem Buch beispielhaft oft erwähnt wurde. Ich lies eigentlich noch nie ein Buch freiwillig und hatte dieses dennoch nach 2 Wochen durch. Nie wieder werde ich in diese Falle tappen.

Liebste Grüsse
Ein weiterer stolzer Nichtraucher! :)

Colleen Lee said,

20:58, Jan 19, 2016 #

My name is Colleen, and I read the easyway to stop smoking for women almost 5 months ago and have not touched or even desired a cigarette since. I am 37 year’s old and have smoked on and off since I was 17 I gave up when pregnant on both my children but soon went back after I gave birth. I once managed to give up for 9 years but only did for my partner who hated me smoking and missed cigarettes the entire time! But finally easyway was recommended to me by a work colleague who has successfully stopped after reading it 8 years ago. My whole perspective of smoking has now changed i no longer envy smokers, but pity them. I am more confident than I have been in years and have so much energy. I am finally truly free for the nicotine traplease! Since reading the book I have become am easyway evangelist of sorts, telling everyone I can about what this book has done for my life. So I just wanted to thank Mr Allen Carr for giving me back my life!!

Colleen Lee
South Wales
Great Britain

Scott Burrell, Birmingham said,

11:57, Jan 18, 2016 #

13 years ago after trying almost every aid to stop my 30 a day habit i was introduced to your book. I am please to say that after reading your book i never touched another cigarette again improving my health and saving me £250 per month back then, god knows what the savings are looking at the cost of cigarettes today. I had been a smoker for 15 years before this so thank you Allen Carr

Richard said,

11:24, Jan 18, 2016 #

Hi to whoever gets to read this stuff,

I’m sixty years old now and for all the reasons so precisely discussed in The Easy Way, I smoked my first cigarette, stolen from my mother’s packet, fifty one years ago.
Three years later in the school playground my older brother, in front of his friends who were all two years older than me, passed ME the cigarette … and made me a man! I was James Bond … No! Goldfinger even! I was the guy swishing around the mangroves on my hovercraft, drinking Martini and smoking a long cool relaxing Peter Stuyvesant, or whatever it was that was the flavour of the day.

Thank you so much for the enlightenment.
How could I possibly believe that you could stop me ‘wanting’ to smoke? I’ve had this book for ten years but I ‘enjoyed’ my smoking so I didn’t need/bother to read it.

I am struggling just a tiny bit with how easy this seems to be. The old saying “Too good to be true” keeps popping into my head …. but after nine days I’m not craving nicotine at all.


Thank you all so much.

I hope and trust that Allen will receive stacks and stacks of good Karma in perpetuity. Top Man!

Bless all,

Ex Wimbledon man

Geri, Philippines said,

11:23, Jan 18, 2016 #

First of all, I thank and greatly praise the Heavenly Father YHWH for you,
-for the good and very intelligent person you are, for caring for others in a real way,
- and for your book, “Stop Smoking with Allen Carr” (c2013)

The book was truly an Amazing Answer for all my tearful prayers to the Almighty! I had been pleading and begging Him to help me and grant me the grace to stop smoking!

YHWH bless you, your works, your family, now and always!
Shalom, Allen!
May YHWH’s love be with you always!

Michael said,

11:20, Jan 18, 2016 #

Thank you

I have been trying to quit smoking for the last 9 months and have just stopped using your book. Thank you.

Michael said,

11:19, Jan 18, 2016 #

Hurra! Ich bin nichtraucher

Mario said,

11:17, Jan 18, 2016 #

Hurra! Ich bin nichtraucher

Graham said,

10:39, Jan 18, 2016 #


Have just finished your reading your book, and would like to take the opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me kick this disgusting habit.
I’m a 32 yr old male that has smoked for about 18 years I was one of the ones who rarely enjoyed it, couldn’t afford it (but isn’t it funny no matter how tight money is you could always find enough for the dreaded weed) and was seriously worried about the damage I was doing but could not stop.
I can look forward to the future without worrying about smoking and its related traps.
I can happily see my son grow into a man and hopefully one day have grandkids that I can run around and make precious memories with.

So thank you once more for helping me to “kick” the habbit

Yours sincerely


John said,

14:55, Jan 17, 2016 #

Hello, I stopped smoking on the 30th of December and feel relieved. I smoked for years and quitted a few times, but now with reading of the book, I am 100% sure that I am a happy non-smoker for the rest of my hopefully long life. For everybody trying to quit: Life Is Great Without Nicotine!!!! Thanks and regards, John

Jimmy said,

09:29, Jan 17, 2016 #

Well this is the first day after listening to your stop smoking and even thou it just been a “few” hours i would like to thank you and mike ofc!
Laughed my ass off at the same time :D

Dorothy said,

09:07, Jan 16, 2016 #

Dear Allen,
I quit smoking by using your book 6 years ago, I smoked from the age of 17 to the age of 30. I never went back to the addiction after reading the book (which I read all in one go) I would like to purchase other books but to be e-books because where I live I can’t receive them.
Is there a specific safe store for your e-books please?
Many thanks
Best regards
(Sharm El Sheikh – South Sinai – Egypt)

sergio said,

17:43, Jan 15, 2016 #

from buenos aires, ARGENTINA,
solo queria agradecer de alguna manera a este hombre, que leyendo su libro pude dejar de fumar,luego de 25 años, me siento increible,

Kary said,

12:57, Jan 15, 2016 #

I attended a clinic on 23 Mar 13 in Bristol and am so glad I did! I have not smoked since nor even been tempted. I cannot recommend these clinics highly enough. Thanks to you I will enjoy the rest of my life as a non-smoker and not have the burden of having to smoke! I am so grateful – nearly 3 years ago now x I do feel pity when I see people smoking now – every smoker should have the opportunity to attend one of your clinics!

Геннадий said,

04:37, Jan 14, 2016 #

Спасибо вам огромное за этот способ. Я безмерно вам благодарен и готов помочь в сотрудничестве распространения вашего способа в своем регионе. Готов пойти на любые возможности в плоть до открытия клиники в своем городе. Еще раз благодарю вас.

Cynthia said,

10:46, Jan 13, 2016 #


Thanks for your email. I would like to thank you for the session before Christmas and am happy to say it worked! I will certainly spread the word for those who might be interested.

Best wishes for the new year to you all,


Michelle said,

16:28, Jan 12, 2016 #

About 4 years ago I used to sit every morning outside a coffee shop having my morning coffee and cigarette and some mornings I would chat to a retired soldier before work.

One morning he gave me the book Allen Carr’s easy way to stop smoking inside a compliment slip from the Raynes Park Clinic it said Michelle this book could be the answer to your prayers (TRUST ME) regards Bob Ex Army (All I need to do is read the book (All) the secret was in the book.

What did I do read a couple pages then put the book in a draw.
Stupid thing was I had tried everything patches hypnotherapy tablets then the vapour thing started my daughter did not want me tying it she said I would have two addictions to deal with and did not like the thought of putting another chemical into my body so I was lost wanted to stop my smoking was increasing but did not know how.

I found the book and started reading it started to all make sense while reading the book I found I was smoking less I then said in my head I would love to be free by the 5th or 10th January 2016 the night of the 3rd January I decided to stop put everything in the bin.

Woke up took them out of the bin and had one I was so upset with myself I then phoned your clinic the lady said have you finished the book no was my reply Do Not Stop until you have finished the book confused I don’t want to smoke so what did I do brought another packet.

I could not wait to get home to finish the book at 8.30 on 5th January 2016 I put out my last cigarette.

I am so happy I’m not smoking I do hope one day I bump into Bob so I can thank him for buying the book for me & so I can tell him I’ve done it.
I’m a non smoker

Snezz said,

15:59, Jan 12, 2016 #

i got to page 20 and just didn’t feel like a smoke. 17 years as a smoker this time round. Thanks for the rest of my life. 50 now and every thing to live for.


Sam said,

15:56, Jan 12, 2016 #

From today I am no longer a smoker, I have just finished the EASYWAY book.
Thank you so much for doing this for me, or should I say, showing me how to do this for myself. I know I have done it now, I have kicked a 20 year addiction to nicotine thanks to you.

Alba said,

10:45, Jan 11, 2016 #

Hello, i read the book “Easyway to stop smoking” and i’ll never smoke again. I’ve been smoking for 14 years, since the age of 21. In Tirana, Albania.

Helena said,

06:45, Jan 10, 2016 #

Simply, thank you and I can’t wait to pass this book around.
Helena from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Pabklo Guerra-Monje said,

14:51, Jan 06, 2016 #

I’m a Spaniard living in Arkansas. After smoking for more than 30 years and having tried to quit many times with will power, I was sad because I saw that I will always miss it. And then I read The book of my favorite person in the world this days: Mr. Allen Carr. With his help I understood that I was not missing anything by not smoking, all the opposite, I was gaining my life back. As he put it, I was as happy as getting out of prison. Smoking is an scandal! Do not support it!

paula said,

12:32, Jan 04, 2016 #

I bought the book and CD on 18th August 2015.I was so inspired that I have never had another drink from that day. I have found it so easy.
I went on a 10 day Cruise in November, enjoyed Christmas & New Year & didn’t even think about alcohol. I am delighted, I loved wine. I can know pour a glass for my Husband without even noticing it.Don’t hesitate, set yourself free! I am now trying the Lose Weight System. Kind regards and many many thanks Paula

Eric said,

22:39, Jan 03, 2016 #

At the moment that I’m typing this I have not smoked a cigarette in nearly 2 months and I’m still amazed at how easy it was to quit. I think the best way for me to properly give thanks to Allen Carr and his staff is to recommend the book “Easy Way To Stop Smoking” to any current nicotine addict. Simply by reading the book with an open mind, I was able to quit smoking with almost little or no stress at all. I was a heavy smoker; at times a chainsmoker. I smoked around two packs a day for twenty-two years, and up until I read this book, it never really dawned on me to quit. That’s why I feel so fortunate quitting so easily with the ‘Easy Way’ method on the first attempt. I know several ex-smokers who eventually kicked the addiction after years of struggles with nicotine replacement therapies(i.e. patches, e-cigs, nicotine gum). I am so glad that I did not have to go through that torture, and I hate to see any other smoker go down that treacherous road when there is much easier painless path; Not to mention cheaper. So whether you really wanna quit, or are just considering the possibility, I highly recommend Allen Carr’s “Easy Way To Stop Smoking”. Read the book with an open mind and he will literally lead you to your final cigarette.

Sarah said,

23:06, Jan 01, 2016 #

After wanting to stop for years I read Allan’s book and now six days smoke free much to the delight of my children and family and my bank balance!

Sandy said,

17:59, Dec 31, 2015 #

As I contemplate the New Year approaching, I ‘m very thankful that a friend recommended the Allen Carr program nearly two years ago.

I first listened to the audiobook during my commute to work, then attended the seminar as I still did not feel ready to quit.. At the end of the seminar, I smoked what I knew would be the last cigarette.

After close to 35 years of smoking, I was able to quit, with no cravings, no emotional issues or stress. January 18 will mark 2 years being smoke free. It was the best thing I ever did for myself…and it was EASY.

Give it a try…you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


Ben Caton said,

13:00, Dec 31, 2015 #

I have just passed the five year mark without so much as once wanting a puff! amazing method. god knows how he did it, but – and I have to say here, I know from friends that it doesn’t work for everyone – for a lot of people, this book just ‘clicks’ and can make something that would otherwise be extremely difficult incredibly easy. anyone serious about quitting owes it to themselves to read or listen to this!

熊俊傑 said,

14:10, Dec 30, 2015 #

My English not good

我抽了15年的香菸了 看完Allen carr寫的書後



Mandy said,

13:34, Dec 29, 2015 #


Just to let you know that I stopped on 1st April 2015 this year reading Allen’s book that someone got for me 8 years ago. I’ve now BEEN ASKED to go and get two books for two mates that say if anyone most likely NOT to stop is me. Not as bad but 30 a day and at least 60-80 on a night on the drink.

Thank you


martin said,

18:15, Dec 22, 2015 #

Hello Allen

i’ve just read both of your books, the easyway to stop smoking and the easyway how to control alcohol.
im 33 years old and for the first time since i was 16 years old i know that im no longer addicted to alcohol or nicotine! I still cant really believe it myself that i just read this two books, like only 500 pages together, and now i think and feel completely different about things that appeared so precious to me before. things that dominated my life before.
i give you a lot lot lot of credit that you could find the right words! your my man! thanks to you it really IS easy and joyful. now for the first time since 17 years i feel that i can really work on the things in my life that are not perfect yet. and im convinced that it will turn out just allright.
i have the feeling that something like my real caracter is about to show up, that was suppressed cause of all that nicotine, alcohol and the depression that is caused by that.
allen you saved my a..!

Lolo said,

09:37, Dec 22, 2015 #

I am such a cynic that I have waited 2 months before writing a testimonial. I haven’t touched alcohol in two months since the day of the seminar. My friends and family are amazed and I feel less anxious, more confident and happier. It is one of the best things I could have done for myself ever. I am now a positive role model for my children and I am able to care for them better. I cannot list all of the benefits of not drinking as they are countless. I think the seminar dismantles all of the fictitious reasons that the addiction gives you for continuing to drink. There are no reasons left for you to drink so you naturally stop. I am looking forward to a long, happy, healthy and sober life with my family. Thank you.

Giga said,

14:39, Dec 21, 2015 #

hello I want to say to thanks for your book it’s one of the best book I have ever read it really changed my life it’s really easy way. Firstly I thought it was impossibility read something and don’t wanted to smoke but it’s really and it’s marveling. Thanks a lot

sorry for my English :)

Best Regards

Dean Lund said,

22:01, Dec 17, 2015 #

Thank you to Janine B for buying me the book , I gave up after 31 years and never looked back I owe you so much and now I’ll be here longer to repay you xxxxxxxxx love ya loads


Jordi S. said,

00:42, Dec 17, 2015 #

Thank you very much. With deep appreciation for Allen Carr’s work. For his family and his colleagues to know he helped me quit. I’m from Catalonia, in Spain, And I’ve recommended his book to my friends who are in the same blindness I was before I read Allen Carr’s book.Pure good he did.

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