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How the clinics work


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What happens at our Stop Smoking clinics?

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A cognitive stop smoking method

Our stop smoking therapists are expert in the Allen Carr’s Easyway method. They have all used the method to quit smoking themselves and undertook our rigorous selection and training process to become qualified and practising Members of the Association of Allen Carr Therapists International (MAACTI). You will find them understanding and sympathetic about any concerns you may have about stopping smoking.

The stop smoking clinic sessions take approximately 4-6 hours and are held in groups of up to 20 people. Most people need just one session, but shorter booster sessions are available, free of charge, for the few people that require them.

A fully trained Allen Carr’s Easyway therapist conducts the sessions. Smokers are encouraged to take regular smoking breaks throughout the session, and the session climaxes as the group smoke a final cigarette and throw their cigarettes and lighters on a pile at the front of the room.

The therapist focuses on the reasons why we smoke rather than why we shouldn’t.
Smokers already know that it is unhealthy, costly and sometimes an anti-social thing to do.

The session, using a combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, removes the smoker’s belief that smoking provides any sort of genuine pleasure or crutch. It removes the feeling of sacrifice and deprivation and therefore rids the smoker of the fear of stopping.

Most smokers mistakenly fear that they will be unable to enjoy life or cope with stress without cigarettes when they quit.

The Allen Carr’s Easyway Method removes this fear.

By removing the need and desire to smoke, the need for willpower is also removed. The method channels the smoker’s will against the cigarette rather than leaving them to struggle with a conflict of wills.

Clients are happy to become non-smokers from the moment they stub out their last cigarette.
They are confident that they can enjoy social occasions more and handle stress better when they stop and, more importantly, they realise that they need not miss smoking.

Most of the clients attending Allen Carr’s Easyway Clinics do so on the strength of the personal recommendation of friends, colleagues and members of their family who quit by using Allen Carr’s Easyway Method.

Why Attend an Allen Carr’s Easyway Clinic?

Millions of people have successfully stopped smoking by using Allen Carr’s Easyway Clinics and books. The clinics continue to be the most powerful and effective way of receiving Allen Carr’s Easyway method – hence our ability and willingness to offer our money-back guarantee.

The advantages of attending a clinic –

There is a money back guarantee.

The clinic sessions are effective whether you have read the book or not. Even if you failed to stop by using the book, the clinics will work for you. In fact, we will discount the cost of any Allen Carr’s Easyway book if you bring it along to your session!

You can ask questions as they come to mind. And you’ll get a real, live, straight answer from someone who has themselves used Allen Carr’s Easyway method and has received comprehensive training to become a Senior Allen Carr’s Easyway therapist.

You’ll be shown a strategy to help you break through your fears and easily deal with anything that may previously have led to temptation. This is done using powerful psychology aimed at the conscious mind, reinforced at the end of the session by hypnotherapy.

You get to share your experience (if you wish) and those of other participants, often realising you are not the only one with your particular fears and worries.

Although you will be given everything you need in one session to become a happy non-smoker for life, if you should need support after you leave us, free back-up sessions and telephone support is available.

You can book into your nearest clinic online or by telephone or just call for an informal no-obligation chat. Find details of your nearest clinic here.

Success Rate

“The success rate at Allen Carr’s Easyway Clinics is over 90% based on the three month money-back guarantee and independent scientific studies indicate that, even after 12 months, the success rate remains over 51%*
This is unprecedented in the field of smoking cessation

*Long-term success of short smoking-cessation seminars supported by occupational health care’, H. Moshammer, M. Neuberger. Addictive Behaviors (2007) Success Rate 51.4% after 3 years and ‘Smoking cessation at the workplace: 1 year success of short seminars,’ H.P Hutter, H. Moshammer, M.Neuberger. Internal Archives of Occupational Environmental Health (2005) 40% (worse case) 55% (best estimate).

Comparing Allen Carr’s Easyway with other methods

Believe it or not, there is no resource for smokers to compare the success rates of various quit smoking methods. Given the amount of money that has been spent in this area of research, we find this odd.

The reason for this is that researchers do not compare methods head-to-head; they typically compare them to placebo, or to no treatment.

This enables manufacturers of Nicotine Replacement Therapy products, for example, to make claims such as NRT “doubles your chances” of quitting. However we believe that smokers are much more interested in the question: “Double them from what to what?”

Allen Carr’s Easyway are currently considering the commissioning of a randomized, controlled trial at a cost of approximately £800,000. This trial would compare Allen Carr’s Easyway Clinics to the NHS Stop Smoking Service in the UK.

We have more than 150 centres in more than 45 countries worldwide, all of which offer the same money-back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Our Money Back Guarantee

Allen Carr founded his stop smoking method in 1983. Since then his organisation has spread throughout the world curing smokers in more than 58 countries and 38 languages. Allen Carr became widely regarded as the leading expert in his field and the reputation of Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking has grown for the simple reason that the method works.

As far as we are aware, ours is the only established organisation which actually offers a money back guarantee if you do not succeed in stopping. We are able to offer this guarantee because our success rate is so high – over 90% based on the 3 month money back guarantee.

If you genuinely want to stop smoking, our method will not only enable you to do so but will also make it relatively easy. If you follow the instructions you will not only become a non-smoker but you will find the withdrawal period completely painless and most important of all you will not miss smoking.

Most smokers require just one session to become happy non-smokers. In certain cases, however, more than one session is required. In this event there is no extra charge, the initial fee covers all sessions.

If within three months from the date of your first session you are still smoking and decide not to stop, your fee will be refunded in full without inquisition. Your word will be taken on trust. However, we would request you on your part to be genuine in your desire to stop.

This guarantee will be invalidated in any of the following events:

(1) That you cancel, postpone or fail to attend any session or arrive over fifteen minutes late for any session.
(2) That you fail to attend at least two free back-up sessions within three months of the date of your first session (the second and third sessions are not a repeat of the first session and last approximately 2½ – 3½ hours each)

Should you stop smoking for three months or longer but start again at a later date, you may attend any number of back-up sessions on payment of half the standard fee. However, once you have not attended a full first session in the preceding 12 months you would need to attend the first session again, the standard fee will be payable and the guarantee will apply.

You can book into your nearest clinic online or by telephone or feel welcome to call for an informal no-obligation chat. Find details of your nearest clinic here. Please note that back-up sessions may take place on weekdays only. Please check with your local clinic.

Registered Address: Park House, 14 Pepys Road, Raynes Park, London SW20 8NH, UK.

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