How can I check that my internet speed is sufficient to watch the online seminar?

The quality of the playback experience is largely dependent on how your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or mobile provider connects to the video playback servers. Keep in mind that your overall Internet speed can vary depending on many factors, including but not limited to: time of day, WiFi performance, other devices/ users utilizing your connection, and the strength of the signal provided by your ISP.

The following table shows the minimum speeds required for each playback quality:

Quality Required Minimum Bandwidth
360p 1 Mbps
720p 3 Mbps
1080p 7 Mbps
2k 12 Mbps
4k & Up 22 Mbps

Viewers can manually force a particular quality by selecting the gear icon in the lower right corner of the player. (This may result in frequent buffering if quality exceeds the bandwidth being provided by your ISP). A lower quality requires less bandwidth for the video to play.

Online Speed Tests

Speed tests can give you a general sense of the download speeds you’re receiving from your Internet provider, but it’s important to note that the servers used in the speed test are different from those used by other services. The actual speeds being received by your device may differ. This is because speed tests are designed to ping the closest server to your location, while other servers may be further and more utilized.

As a best practice, we recommend avoiding Flash based speed tests and using trusted HTML5 tests like to get a general estimate of the speeds you’re receiving from your Internet Provider. If you expect higher bandwidth than what’s being reported, we recommend getting in touch with your Internet Provider for more information.

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