Lee Mack recommends Allen Carr’s Easyway

Written by: Paul Baker | Last updated: 03 Sept 21

lee mack stops smoking and drinking with Allen Carrs easyway

It is great to hear that Lee Mack continues to be a happy non-smoker and non-drinker thanks to Allen Carr’s Easyway.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror on 3 September 2021  he discusses stopping drinking with Allen Carr’s Easyway which “changed his whole attitude to alcohol”

In the “I can’t believe it’s not Buddha” podcast on 12 January 2021 with Neil Webster, Lee Mack discussed giving up alcohol four years ago.

He explains that it was Allen Carr’s Easyway which convinced him and in his own words “changed my whole attitude to alcohol”. He goes on to say that Allen Carr’s Easyway “is the world’s most successful way of stopping smoking”

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