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Want to learn more about the method and the online program? In this section you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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All of us at Allen Carr are past smokers, and most of us had tried any number of quitting methods prior to discovering the Easyway method to quit smoking that has changed our lives. All of us had numerous questions and doubts prior to being exposed to the method, and in this part of the site, we will attempt to answer the most frequent questions that smokers ask about the method.

Nevertheless, it is important to stress the fact that some things can only truly be understood in depth when participating in the process. As with any experience or change, it is sometimes impossible to offer a verbal explanation to a person who has not put the matter to the test.

Who are the people at Allen Carr’s Easyway?

For more than 30 years, Allen Carr’s Easyway has been helping people with addictions and issues ranging from smoking, alcohol, weight, drugs, sugar, caffeine, debt, gambling, and even fear of flying. The method has spread around the world by word of mouth for one simple reason: IT WORKS!

We were founded by Allen Carr, a qualified accountant, whose 100-cigarette-a-day addiction was driving him to despair. In 1983, after countless failed attempts to stop with the aid of the willpower method, he finally discovered an Easyway to Stop Smoking.

Currently, the Allen Carr network is the largest in the world in its field with more than 150 centers in 57 countries. Almost all the members of the organization are past smokers who quit smoking through the method and decided to join the organization with the goals of assisting as many smokers as possible to escape the smoking trap and of realizing Allen Carr’s vision of freeing the world from smoking

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What happens during the online program?

In a prerecorded video, a qualified Allen Carr therapist will present the nature of the smoking trap and what must be done to free oneself from it. As with any trap or fraud, as soon as you understand the matter, you will be able to overcome it. This is not a process of autosuggestion, self-persuasion, or NLP, but rather a logical, clear, and lucid explanation of the addiction mechanism and how to escape from it. You can think about this as a sketch of a map of traps, which you will see and understand for the first time in your life. After you have understood how this is structured, something will change your perception and afterwards, you will receive a series of simple instructions—similar to navigation software. What you have to do in order to escape from the trap is follow the instructions, and you will discover that it can be really easy to quit smoking. At the end of the program, there is a session of hypnotherapy also aimed at treating the subconscious. There are also additional video clips that are intended for people who have completed the process and require additional aid.

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I already know that smoking is unhealthy; what can you add for me?

The threat of cancer and other diseases has not helped smokers to quit, and consequently, we do not believe in scare tactics. Up to the present, as a smoker, knowing that smoking is unhealthy has not helped you to quit. While some people think that they will stop smoking as soon as they have a health problem, the truth is that, at our clinics, we always meet people who have been harmed by smoking but still smoke. Paradoxically, this may even have a reverse effect—indeed, if a smoker is told that smoking is killing him, the first thing that he will do is light a cigarette out of pressure. You do not smoke because it is unhealthy; you smoke for other reasons. The entire concept is to treat and rid you of the aspect that causes you to want to smoke.

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What is the difference between the Easyway and other methods?

MMost quitting methods are, for the most part, based on willpower. This means that you have to use your willpower in order to overcome your desire to smoke. Similar to a person who loves cheesecake very much but is on a diet and all the time sees people eating cheesecake around him, the smoker needs to restrain himself and overcome the urge, which is why it is so difficult and irritating. The Allen Carr Method is not at all based on willpower. The method is designed to negate your desire to smoke forever, and as such, it is—EASY. The goal is to quit smoking immediately, free of any adverse effects, without having to replace cigarettes with food and weight gain, without changing habits at all. You can still drink coffee, go out for fun, drink alcohol, and even be in the company of other smokers without envying them at all while feeling as if you had never smoked at all.

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This sounds too good to be true. What proof do you have that the method works?

The numbers speak for themselves. Up to the present, the method has assisted more than 30 million smokers throughout the world, most of whom arrived by word of mouth following recommendations of a friend, family member, or colleague who had quit. We work with thousands of organizations in dozens of countries throughout the world and assist their employees to quit smoking. Our customers include organizations such as Microsoft, BMW, HP, IBM, Ford, Sony, Virgin, Google, and Unilever. These organizations would not have sought our assistance unless the method worked. Furthermore, a number of independent academic studies have been conducted into the method, including a study conducted at the University of Vienna that indicated that even after 3 years, the success rate of the method exceed 51%, a phenomenal figure when compared with any of the other methods.

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What if I’m not so sure that I want to stop smoking?

TThe fear is clear; most smokers only perceive two options: continue smoking or quit smoking and suffer—yearn for cigarettes, gain weight, envy other smokers, be irritable, etc. Faced with these two options, most will choose to continue smoking because we prefer the familiar over the unknown or difficult. But what if there is a third option: to stop smoking easily, without suffering, without envying other smokers, without missing cigarettes, and without changing habits, while continuing to enjoy life and feeling as if you had never, ever smoked? Would you choose that option? That is precisely the Easyway, which is intended for all types of smokers, even those who like smoking and are not sure that they want to quit. All that is necessary for success is curiosity and an open mind. The method causes a perceptual change and will lead you to perceive smoking as you had never perceived it previously and to reach a mindset in which you are no longer attracted to it.

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Why do I need the method? I can quit smoking on my own.

Statistics have shown that the success rate of quitting on your own is less than 3% after a year. Smokers have all types of erroneous perceptions about smoking. The fact that you have been smoking for so many years does not mean that you understand how the addiction mechanism works, in the same way that if you drive a vehicle, you won’t necessarily understand how the engine works. If you need help or a repair, you approach a qualified professional. At Allen Carr, we specialize in helping people quit smoking. We have assisted tens of millions of smokers and set them free. The purpose of the online program is to share the data that we have accumulated with you and to assist you to perceive things truly and clearly, perhaps for the first time in your life. The difference is not only in the significantly higher success rate than self-quitting, but also in the quality of quitting—the goal is to quit smoking, but continue enjoying life without feeling a lack or sacrifice.

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What if my spouse smokes?

One of the wonderful things about Easyway is that even living or working in a smoking environment, you won’t miss having a cigarette. If you don’t want to smoke, you will also not want to smoke when you see other smokers. You do not have to undergo the process with your spouse. On the contrary, it is even preferable to undergo it alone, even if your spouse still smokes. Maybe once they have seen you quit without complications, they will also want to quit and then can undergo the process too. This is a personal process.

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Can the method also help cigar smokers and people who use electronic cigarettes?

Definitely! The method is intended for anyone using nicotine. The addiction to nicotine is identical regardless of the form in which the addictive substance is consumed; this method is effective to the same degree for anyone dependent on electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, cigars, and even those addicted to nicotine substitutes such as chewing gum, wafers, etc. The entire intention is to be free of the dependence on nicotine like most people in the world.

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I once quit smoking for a lengthy period and then resumed. What guarantees me that this will not happen again?

There are a number of reasons that people resume smoking after quitting. The first is complacency, the thought that I have not smoked for some time and I have control, and therefore I can smoke once in a while. The problem is that this never works with addiction. Just as a past alcoholic knows that he cannot drink even one drink, a past smoker also has to understand that he does not have the ability to control the addiction. He is either in or out; there is no middle way. Another reason is that people quit smoking but still want to smoke. They miss cigarettes and envy other smokers, so at a certain stage, they break and resume smoking. The goal of the method is not only to help you quit smoking, but to free you from the desire and also teach you how the trap is structured so that you will understand how not to fall into it again

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I’m afraid of gaining weight.

One of the consequences of most of the quitting methods that are based on willpower is gaining weight. Contrary to what people think, this is not due to metabolism changes but rather to the fact that when smokers quit smoking but still have a desire to smoke, they feel frustrated, and therefore every time they think of or want a cigarette, they compensate themselves with food. In most cases, they will console themselves with comfort food—sweets, carbohydrates, etc. Thus, they do not free themselves of the desire to smoke and they also gain weight. However, if you do not want to smoke, you will also not feel the need to compensate yourself and there would not be any reason to gain weight. This is what most people who quit through the Easyway report.

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What about smoking cannabis?

This program is intended for treating nicotine addiction. We have a different program for cannabis addiction. While we do not encourage the use of cannabis, if you wish to continue using cannabis after you quit smoking cigarettes, this is possible, but care must be taken not to mix it with tobacco or nicotine.

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What happens if, after I have finished viewing the program, I require additional aid?

There is a special section of questions and answers intended for people who have completed the process. In this section, there are numerous clips that provide answers to questions that have arisen from people who have quit smoking. The goal is to assist you and facilitate things for you even after you have quit so that you not only quit smoking but will also remain a happy nonsmoker.

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What is special or different about the online program compared with Allen Carr’s other products or services?

The online program is a unique service, the purpose of which is to use the advantages of the online medium to improve the degree of understanding and the assimilation of the material, to make it accessible and easy to use, and to increase your chances of success. We continuously improve the product pursuant to the responses and feedback from users with the goal of reaching maximum efficiency as well as achieving this within the shortest possible period—within 2.5 hours.

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Will I have to make other changes in my life after quitting smoking?

Truly not. You can continue everything as usual, and there is absolutely no need to make any changes whatsoever in your lifestyle, unless you wish to do so for other reasons. You can continue drinking coffee, going out for fun, being in the company of smokers, and doing everything that you did beforehand without feeling that you are missing the cigarettes.

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Can this program help me cut down instead of quitting?

Experience with millions of smokers throughout the world has taught us that this simply does not work. For example, think about an alcoholic who wants to drink less. This is almost impossible, and if it were possible, it would demand much willpower and an ability to restrain himself. Smoking is exactly the same. If you have tried to cut down your daily cigarette consumption in the past, you have seen that this is not sustainable. The reason for this is simple: cigarettes are an addictive substance sold with the sole objective of causing you to want more of them in order to continue paying their manufacturer. Different people are addicted to different degrees, and perhaps you know people who smoke less than you do. For you, the quantity that you smoke is, for the most part, the quantity that you have become accustomed to smoking, and most likely, over the years this will remain at the same level or even increase. Addiction is not improved, it only becomes more severe. With smoking, it is a matter of black or white. You are either in or out; there is no middle way.

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Is the method suitable for all types of smokers?

It makes no difference whether you are a heavy or light smoker, whether you have been smoking for a number of months or decades. It also makes no difference whether you live in an environment with smokers or not, or if your life is calm or stressful. Despite your special circumstances, the bottom line is that you are addicted to cigarettes and/or nicotine; the addiction trap works in the same manner for everyone, and once you understand this, you will be able to free yourself from it permanently.

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Would it be worthwhile for me to be assisted by drugs or substitutes in order to increase the chances of success?

There is no necessity to be aided by substitutes or drugs. You will be surprised to discover that the physical addiction is really light and that the crux of the matter lies in changing thought patterns and mental dependence, i.e., cancelling the desire to smoke. If you have chosen the Easyway, we recommend not mixing a number of methods that differ so much in essence. Tens of millions of people have already quit using this method without any drug assistance. If they have succeeded, so can you.

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