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For more than 35 years Allen Carr’s Easyway has been helping people to quit smoking

The method has spread around the world by word of mouth for one simple reason:


About Allen Carr

For over 20 years, Allen Carr devoted himself to helping people overcome addiction. A former chain-smoker himself, Allen struggled through many false starts and failed attempts at quitting cigarettes before he discovered the revolutionary approach that would become the Easyway method. His own experience of being severely addicted to smoking gave him a clear understanding of the challenges faced by smokers and the confidence that absolutely anybody could quit.

From the very beginning, Allen’s own success inspired him to share his knowledge. He told his wife that he wanted to cure the world of smoking. After discovering the Easyway method in 1983, Allen left his job as an accountant and devoted himself to helping others break free from addiction.

He spent many years speaking and teaching throughout the world, working with smokers from all walks of life. Celebrities, medical professionals, and CEOs have endorsed the Easyway method after their own successes, as have many millions of everyday smokers who were finally able to break free.

Allen continued to develop the Easyway method throughout his lifetime. He expanded the simple mindset-based approach to help those suffering from many different forms of addiction, including drugs, gambling, and alcohol.

In 1998, Allen was chosen to speak at the 10th World Conference on Tobacco & Health. While it was unprecedented for someone without formal medical training to receive this honor, the resounding success of the Easyway method had conferred on Allen the widespread respect and recognition of the medical community. Doctors from many fields continue to praise the impact of Allen’s work on the lives of their patients.

The Easyway method has indeed helped millions of people from all over the world to quit smoking once and for all. Even after Carr’s passing in 2006, the Easyway team ensures that his life’s work continues. After more than 35 years of curing smokers and improving lives, it is clear that the Easyway method stands the test of time and that Allen Carr’s legacy lives on.

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