I have read the book and it was easy to lose weight and become free of bad sugar. Yet at some point I started eating badly again. I’ve read the book again, but it doesn’t seem to have the same effect. Is it worth coming?


The good news is that the method did work for you. The bad news is that at some point you got overconfident or casual about eating – particularly about eating addictive foods. It can be hard for the book to work its ‘magic’ a second time. The seminar will set you free – and more importantly – keep you free and help you manage your weight long term this time.

The seminar can help because you can ask questions as they come to mind. And you’ll get a real, live, straight answer from someone who has themselves used Allen Carr’s Easyway method and has received comprehensive training to become a qualified Allen Carr’s Easyway Senior Therapist.

You’ll be shown a strategy to help you break through your fears and easily deal with anything that may previously have led to temptation. This is done using powerful psychology aimed at the conscious mind, reinforced at the end of the seminar by hypnotherapy.

Find the right lose weight & sugar addiction programme for you