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Hrithik Roshan recommends Allen Carr’s Easyway

Written by | Last Updated 10 February 2012

It is wonderful to hear that Hrithik Roshan has stopped smoking using Allen Carr’s Easyway.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment Times:

“The actor gave up smoking three months ago; hasn’t lit up since

Hrithik Roshan has given up smoking. It has been three months since his last cigerette. The actor says, “I wanted to give up smoking. I tried quitting five times before and failed. I tried nicotine patches and other methods, but nothing worked. I wanted to kick the habit so I began researching how to. I spoke to people who had quit, went online and read articles, saw testimonials of people on YouTube… I kept checking, and then finally I came across this book Alan Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking, I ordered that book and the day I finished the book was the day I smoked my last ciggie.”

Congratulations Hrithik 

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From the desk of John Dicey, Global CEO & Senior Therapist, Allen Carr’s Easyway