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Summer Holidays and stopping smoking

Written by and Paul Baker | Last Updated 05 July 2011

People often dismiss an attempt to quit smoking until after their holiday. Just the prospect of having to suffer without cigarettes by attempting to give up smoking while on their annual vacation is enough to scare most smokers away from even trying. The belief that it has to be hard to quit smoking is so firmly ingrained on smokers minds that just the thought of attempting to do so is likely to be banished from any holiday plans smokers might otherwise have.

On holiday (or just before going) is actually a great time to stop smoking. I spent my Easter family vacation in Cyprus and was intrigued to notice a lady staying in the same complex as ourselves reading and smoking her way through the book (Allen Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking) during our stay. It felt very strange seeing our book “in action”. It’s something, of course, which is normally impossible for us to see. Naturally, I didn’t make it known to the woman that I was involved in the worldwide publication of the book. I just noticed how each day she relaxed at the poolside reading the book, smoking whilst doing so, hoping to find out how to quit smoking easily. About half way through the holiday I noticed that she had stopped reading the book, having moved on to a Michael Connelly novel instead. I was thrilled to notice that she had indeed stopped smoking. She seemed very happy and, if anything, even more relaxed than before.

It was wonderful to see the easyway to stop smoking book in full action and although I am certain that she didn’t notice it, I hope that lady would forgive my understandable curiosity and interest in her holiday reading.

Stopping smoking is easy as long as you don’t try to ‘give up’ smoking. Once you understand the smoking trap you realise there really is nothing to give up. Quitting smoking on holiday, or just before, is a great idea. Why put it off until another time?