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10 Bad Habits You Need to Break Now That You’re an Adult

Written by and Sue Bolshaw | Last Updated 29 July 2017

It was great to get a mention in this piece, on True Viral News, about habits that you should break. Of course anyone who knows anything about Allen Carr’s Easyway knows that smoking isn’t a habit but it was nice to get a shout for the method in the part that covered stopping smoking. Just ignore the part about willpower and nicotine patches too!

Here’s an extract:

“BREAKING bad habits is something many people struggle with their entire lifetime. If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking then I’m sure you can relate.

We all have our vices but if yours is an addiction to online shopping, partaking in workplace gossip, or if you can’t stop counting how many ‘likes’ you get on Facebook or Instagram, then the time is now to bite the bullet and stop…..


Because smoking stopped being cool a long time ago and by 2020 cigarettes will cost $40 a packet in Australia. Ouch.

Giving up the cancer sticks is hands down the best decision you can make for your health. It is frequently cited as one of the toughest habits to break but with some strong willpower, nicotine patches or Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking, it can be done.”

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