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A happy non-smoker’s letter to her MP

Written by and Sue Bolshaw | Last Updated 03 September 2010

This is an email sent to Allen Carr’s Easyway by Lisa who quit smoking last month under extreme pressure (and her subsequent wonderful letter to her MP about her experience) ….

Please find attached my email to my local MP and his reply to me. Hope this helps.

Hi Mr Metcalfe,
How are you?
Just thought whilst I am on my high horse and still jumping on the bandwagon I thought I should also share 1 more important thing with you after speaking with my husband.
I have just finished rather aggressive radiotherapy following thyroid cancer diagnosis. Hopefully the miracle radioactive pill I swallowed in Southend hospital on the 17th August will be my cure. I was kept in solitary for 4 days unable to leave room or have visitors as I was a public health concern. It was the most mentally challenging thing I have ever done in addition to being on a cancer ward with extremely poorly patients of which I have vowed never to return to again (fingers crossed).
Ok rewind 25 years when I smoked my first cigarette. 24 years on and with a cancer diagnosis under my belt finally found the courage not to be a slave to nicotine addiction any more. Having been on patches and inhalers since Jan 2010 recommended by the NHS of which I was still using till the 16th August 2010. ( by the way I was not offered the drugs to stop smoking as I was placed in a vunerable category and refused.)

I knew that
a) I was entering a room for a min of 4 days to max. of however long, of which I was unable to smoke and
b) if I was ever in my life going to give up the most addictive dangerous drug on the planet now was my time to do so.

So what did I do. I read a book. Allen Carr’s the easy way to give up smoking. £2.50 off Amazon. Finished the book on the eve of the 16th August 2010.

I have received no withdrawals, no mental punishment and feelings of deprival etc.

The moral of this story Mr Metcalfe. The government are asking the masses what can we do to save money.

I put it to you.

1 weeks nicotine patches (NRT) £16 approx
42 inhalators (1 weeks supply) £23 approx.
So £40 a week it has cost me to attempt to supplement my nicotine addiction. For the last 8 months £320.00. (all approx. Figs. You understand)
For persons who do not pay for their prescriptions – £320 is what it costs the tax payer per person.

In addition to this what about
The advertising cost
The cancer and smoking related hospital treatment costs.

My point?

1 £2.50 book from Amazon PRICELESS. It works. I needn’t do the maths as you will see where I am going with this.

My frustration?

The government will not and have not ever acknowledged this book or the author even though he has sold 9 million copies worldwide. Why wont the government offer this instead of expensive patches that do not work because they continue to feed the drug nicotine to the dependent addict. For as long as the addiction is being fuelled the addiction continues. Sever the supply the addiction is lifted.

I cannot believe nor my family or husband that I am free of the addiction after reading a book. The power of the mind.

This is my suggestion of how the govt. Can save a LOT of money. I am in no way linked to this network or receiving financial gain by promoting the book to you. I just want to shout from the roof tops how easy it is and if the book is backed by govt will save lives and money both of which are precious.

With Kindest regards
Lisa P

And the reply from the MP-

Thank you for the email, I hope they contact you soon, if not please let me know.
Sorry, yes I did read the email about giving up smoking and I am delighted it worked for you.
I will pass you comments on to the relevant health ministry and suggest they look closely at the book.
Once again thank you for your email and please don’t hesitate to contact me again on this or any other issue.
Best wishes