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A Message to Friends of Allen Carr 26/09/06

Written by and Sue Bolshaw | Last Updated 26 September 2006

allen carrA Message to Friends of Allen Carr

I have been deeply touched by the numerous and encouraging messages of loyalty and support that I have received from you following the announcement of my having contracted lung cancer.

As you are all no doubt already aware, when I discovered EASYWAY on 15th July 1983, I not only discovered a method that would enable any smoker to quit easily, immediately and permanently, but also realised that all smokers secretly wanted to quit, whether they realised it themselves or not.

Had these facts been verified and circulated world-wide, I believe that in a matter of weeks or months rather than years, smoking on our planet would have been reduced to the same incidence that snuff-taking occupies today.

I informed prominent members of the government, the medical profession and the media in the UK. For convenience I refer to those three institutions collectively as ‘the Big 3’. I was totally ignored. This wasn’t surprising when you consider that I’d been chain-smoking for a third of a century, had failed umpteen times to quit and had no medical expertise whatsoever.

So I adopted a two-pronged strategy: first to establish my credibility.
With your help ALLEN CARR’S EASYWAY is firmly established as by far the most effective method of helping smokers to quit in the world. Yet incredibly, in spite of considerable efforts on our part, in the main that position has hardly been acknowledged by ‘the Big 3’. Indeed, under powerful influence from the NRT
conglomerates, its policy consists in the main of prescribing nicotine to cure nicotine addiction.

This is a scandalous situation and we are about to launch a major initiative in order to rectify the situation to persuade ‘the Big Three’ to evaluate the true effectiveness of ALLEN CARR’S EASYWAY and in turn to recommend every smoker to use our services. As part of this initiative, I’ve written my final book:
SCANDAL’ to help hasten this end which is due to be published shortly. John Dicey will keep you informed of plans for it’s release in due course.

I’m pleased to report that I’m enjoying life and Joyce and I give our heart-felt thanks for those warm and encouraging messages that you have sent.

Our Very Best Wishes,

Allen & Joyce.