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Groundbreaking Study Reveals Allen Carr Method Trumps the Irish HSE’s Scheme

Written by | Last Updated 01 November 2018

Reviewed by Sue Bolshaw

Study shows that the Allen Carr Method nearly twice as effective as existing stop smoking options

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“The government’s smoking cessation strategy came under the spotlight after a study showed the Allen Carr method proved to be nearly twice as effective as existing cessation options.

With close to 6,000 Irish people dying annually from tobacco-related disease, policymakers were urged to give struggling Irish quitters access to the anti-smoking guru’s treatment.

A breakthrough Irish study has found that the mantra of Allen Carr — the man who went on to help millions of people to give up smoking after giving up his 100-a-day habit — is far better at helping smokers to stop than the online HSE service…

Professor Luke Clancy, a founder and director general of The Tobacco Free Research Institute Ireland, told that the results mean he can now tell patients to use the Allen Carr method.

‘After this trial, I can now recommend Allen Carr treatment and can recommend it to the government if they ask for advice.

‘The research is now set and I am now able to tell them that the study, funded by National Lottery and independent of the HSE and Allen Carr, shows results, and I hope this is a contribution to the problem of tobacco dependence in this country.’”

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