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An inspiring happy non-smoker's letter

Written by | Last Updated 16 September 2010

This is a particularly inspiring letter sent to Allen Carr’s Easyway by Joanne –

Sep 4,
I stopped smoking on July 28, 2009. I started smoking at age 14 and was totally addicted by age 17. (I am now 47) Cigarettes were more important to me than food. A co-worker talked about the book in 2001 (as we smoked outside in the company smoke shelter). She said it worked for her for about 6 months. Of course, I ran out and bought the book, read the first chapter and stuck it in a drawer. Fast forward to 2009. My son (a new Dad) wanted to quit smoking. I said “I have a book that’s supposed to help”. He read the book and stopped. He took the book to his work and would say “so and so read the book and quit” or “Becky read the book and quit”. When he said “B____ read the book and stopped” (B____ was 57 years old and smoked 2 packs a day), I said “Give me my book back”. I read the book and stopped. Nobody could believe it. I always said I would be the woman outside the hospital with an IV cart smoking. I may at some point have an IV cart but I won’t be outside. It has been 402 days. In those 402 days, I have been through many stressful situations and never once thought about having a smoke. Long flights are relaxing. Long car rides are relaxing. I sleep in later. My dentist gives me more respect. My favourite wine didn’t taste quite as good but I found another one I liked. I like breathing deeply. I scoff at NRT commercials. My husband could not believe how happy I was when I stopped. (He has never smoked). Sorry for how long this is. My company has purchased copies of this book for the library and they promote it. I know of at least 7 people this book has worked for. I also tried the Nintendo DS game before I read the book. It started the ball rolling. My daughter-in-law read the book for women and stopped. She is at 400 days. If you are still smoking, READ THE BOOK. If you don’t agree with or don’t understand a chapter, read it again…and again…and again. I NEVER thought I would be a non-smoker. But, I am and I owe it all to Allen Carr.