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Another happy non-smoker from….The Maldives

Written by | Last Updated 01 February 2013

Jason S – from the UK – now living and working in The Maldives.

Occupation: Director of Spa

Have you tried to quit before and if so, which methods have you tried? Once, using the will-power method it lasted a week and then I gradually started only socially, however this increased over the years

Briefly describe your thoughts on this stop smoking method: It spoke to me as a person with sincerity and reality, it all made sense, frankly I do not know what happened as I was smoking and following the method at one point I lit up and when I did I thought “What the ****! I don’t want this” I put it out and that was my last cigarette.

Approx date that you stopped smoking? September 20th 2012 9pm

Briefly describe the impact on your life of having stopped smoking: Not being controlled, ruled and living my life around an addiction, the realisation that everything in the book about smoking is true. Stopping smoking has given me the focus to get my kicks on health and fitness and feeling alive!

Is there something special which you have achieved since you stopped smoking? Yes, I have directed all my energy into my fitness and body, I have lost a lot of weight and am training to achieve the best body and peak fitness I can.

Did you stop smoking for a specific reason? Another chest infection and thinking it was cancer. Witnessing people in the UK on the street outside pubs and anywhere where smoking was permitted dragging on cigarettes like it was life itself, I thought it looked bad and so did the people doing it, yet I was one of them.

Any interesting angles that you can highlight about your case would be very useful (but not essential): I have lived a frantic, ex-pat, social existence, I was convinced I would always be a smoker. I felt this would be my area to fail me (Drinking and socialising) I completed an evening drinking and didn’t smoke, each time I socialised I moved away from smokers…….I watch smokers in these environments being controlled by their addiction, drawing on a cigarette like it’s life itself… the book says, you do feel sorry for them. The book works!!! I am testament to that as of this moment I have no inclination, desire or curiosity to pick a cigarette up again after a 30 year addiction…… I am free!