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Another happy non-smoker from…. West Sussex, England

Written by and Sue Bolshaw | Last Updated 17 April 2013

Full Name: Simon S from Pulborough, West Sussex, UK

Occupation: Business Manager

Have you tried to quit before and if so, which stop smoking methods have you tried? i have tried several times before. i have tried abstinence, patches, gum,inhalators and the longest any of these have work was three months

Briefly describe your thoughts on the method: i thought it was brilliant and for once i had an explanation about the addiction and it quashed all the arguments i had built up being smoker over time e.g. i enjoyed it

Approx date that you stopped smoking? 16/2/10 and i had smoked since the age of 11 = 22 years

Briefly describe the impact on your life of having stopped smoking: it has been wonderful. i recently became a father and although i never smoked in the house – i am glad that my daughter has never witnessed me smoking or has to deal with the smell.