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Can I lose weight with Allen Carr’s Easyway?

Written by and Colleen Dwyer | Last Updated 04 August 2016

It’s been an absolute pleasure to oversee the adaptation of Allen Carr’s Easyway method so that it can be applied to a whole host of addictions and issues beyond smoking.

Allen Carr himself led the way and worked extensively on applying the method to other issues and addictions, drafting a huge quantity of texts. He worked closely with Robin Hayley and myself, entrusting us with the method, in the knowledge that we were more than capable of editing his texts and updating them as required. A good example of this is how the method has been successfully applied to the recent phenomenon of e-cigarettes as well as to other addictions and issues such as fear of flying, gambling and debt, sugar addiction, caffeine addiction, cannabis addiction and a variety of other, so-called harder drug addictions such as heroin and cocaine.

The Easyway method was applied to the issue of weight control many years ago and the seminars hosted at our centre in London (which are also available via live video-link on a One to One basis) have been phenomenally successful.

If you’ve struggled to control your weight you probably feel that you have failed on countless diets. It’s wonderful to know that it was the diets that failed – not you.

Just the thought of having to diet for the rest of your life is enough to put you off even trying to lose weight. It seems like an insurmountable challenge.

The great thing about the method when it’s applied to weight is that it doesn’t require any counting of points or difficult-to-follow recipes. In the case of our seminar – it’s simply a dynamic six-hour presentation that can inspire you to change your relationship with food and enable you to really enjoy a healthier way of eating.

It’s a case of re-educating your taste buds so that you learn to relish the flavour of fresh, natural foods in a way that allows you to ‘eat yourself slim’ for the rest of your life. At the seminars at our centres you get the advantage of climaxing the day with a short hypnotherapy session designed to reinforce what you have learned during the day and to remove any remaining doubts that you may have.

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From the desk of John Dicey, Worldwide CEO & Senior Therapist, Allen Carr’s Easyway