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Can I lose weight and quit sugar but socialise, enjoy life and dine out with my friends?

Written by | Last Updated 09 November 2019

Reviewed by Colleen Dwyer

Absolutely but only with the right method. When you leave a seminar you will change your relationship with sugar and food and be able to join your friends and eat your new found favourite foods without being tempted by what they have. 

We know that’s hard to believe – but take our word for it you’ll be happy and won’t be tempted. Even better – you won’t turn into one of those awful ‘reformed junk eaters’ – someone who diets and subsequently hassles and harangues their friends to join them in the latest dieting fad.

Your friends, colleagues, and family will be amazed at how easily you’ll cope with life and you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

What keeps you from being the size you want to be?

People believe that they get some sort of genuine pleasure or benefit from eating junk food. They fear that if they do succeed in losing weight they will be miserable and feel deprived for the rest of their lives and so struggle to control it.

In addition to that fear, they also fear the downsides of excess weight; the health worries, the stigma, the cost, the slavery and although they work hard not to think about them, these fears remain like a huge dark cloud at the back of a their mind.

These are the fears that keep them hooked on junk food and sugar. 

The Allen Carr method removes your need and desire to eat junk, over-eat, thereby removing the fears that keep you hooked.

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