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Great testimonials for our Stop Smoking Clinic in London

Written by | Last Updated 19 September 2012

Congratulations to our stop smoking therapist team in Raynes Park, London for some fantastic client feedback in the last few months. Here’s just a small selection….

(There are loads more great client testimonials on our website here – all unsolicited – from people who have come to our sessions to get help to stop smoking. If you’re a smoker and would like to have a no-pressure chat with us please call our UK hotline 0800 389 2115 or contact your nearest stop smoking centre in over 45 countries worldwide.)

“A massive thank you “
Katie H.
8th September 2012

“Excellent all around”
Joseph S. 8th September 2012

“Great Course”
Gerard C.
8th September 2012

“ Very well delivered course, message hits home more than the book”
Darren V.
8th September 2012

“Was a very relaxing experience, not at all what I expected really pleased.”
Robert R.
8th September 2012

“Very lovely experience, thank you “

“Very well described, explained in detail and very helpful”
“Amazing Staff”

“The therapist was superb and made the day enjoyable, Thanks you so much”
Kim G.
7th September 2012

“Fabulous session, great presenter, got a lot more out of this session then the last time”
Robert W.
6th September 2012

“Amazing service, lovely and friendly and excellent, like business class”
Janette S.
6th September 2012

Henry P.
30th August 2012

“Excellent, just what I needed to believe in myself”
18th August 2012

“All great, can’t see how it could be improved. I think this course should be advertised at any stop outlet selling tobacco and on every packet / pouch sold” John F. 11th of August 2012

“Fantastic group leader”
Anastasia C.
10th August 2012

“Excellent. Thank you!”
Chris H.
21st July 2012

“Enjoyable Day – Thank you”
Amber C.
21st July 2012

“Excellent presentation. Highly recommended”
21st July 2012

“Thank you!”
21st July 2012

“What a fantastic, uplifting. Life altering day! Thank you”
21st July 2012

“Really enjoyed my session”
Jon J.
27th July 2012

“Excellent x”
Katrina K.
28th July 2012

23rd June 2012

“Enjoyed it and feel very confident it will work” Richard K. 9th June 2012

“Thank you”
Heather P.
9th June 2012

“Simple but accurate”
Graca E.

“Think the therapist is amazing and felt very very relaxed from the start”
31st May 2012

“Lovely team – always very receptive, friendly and keen to help”
Demelza J.
19th May 2012

“In love with xxx – great therapist”
Chris I.
19th May 2012

“Always a pleasure to come here”
Matthew D.
19th May 2012

“Person assisting us presents really well and is so fluent during the amount of time involved “
Phillip W.
17th May 2012

“Really great session for weight and smoking. Thank you “
Theresa H.
12th May 2012

“Really engaging therapist, I am excited to stop smoking”
Natasha W.
9th May 2012

“The staff are wonderful and really try to accommodate you, as much as they can. Everyone at Allen Carr are very helpful and informative, they put my mind at ease before even coming on a session”

“All brilliant – thanks”

“Great ! 100% Happy “
Caroline W .
5th May 2012

“I’m really enjoying the session so far , very interesting and thought provoking”
Karen J.
5th May 2012

“Feel great . Thanks “
Andrew H.

“The therapist is excellent & very reassuring. An expert”
25th of June 2012

“Great facilities, Instructor very personable “
Rebecca C.
5th May 2012

“Finally I am free”
Danell B.
5th May 2012

“Really friendly, warm welcome”
Hannah D.
27th April 2012

“Thank you – This has helped remind me of the lie I’ve been believing! No More!!!!!”
4th April 2012

“The therapist is great.” Steven R. 13th April 2012

“So far a pleasure, very relaxing”
Chris H.
14th April 2012

“Very enjoyable!! Why on earth is this not available on the NHS? I work in the NHS and they spend millions on ineffective NRT!!”
Rebecca S.
14th April 2012

“Very good presentation, easy to understand”
Paul G.
14th April 2012

“This should be available on the NHS. Thank you for a great course.”
Sharron P.
20th April 2012

“Very Relaxing session / easy to follow”
Valerie C.
14th April 2012

“Given the hand of freedom, for me to take it!”
Lieve V.
15th March 2012

“Very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere”
Fiona D.
15th March 2012

“Super – friendly phone contact. Good technique”
Rachel S.
15th March 2012

“Very good experience. I know it will work”
Xavier A.
10th March 2012

“Excellent Staff from reception to instructor!”
Nadia N.
9th March 2012

“Highly recommend these seminars”
Natalie W.
24th March 2012

“The therapist was very engaging and knowledgeable”
Brady C.
24th March 2012

“I have had a fantastic day and can’t wait for a better life. I’m excited about my future. The therapist was wonderful.”
Jane W.
24th March 2012

“Very Positive and encouraging session, the therapist was really good and explained the subject very well”

“The therapist is amazing!”
24th March 2012

“Very Good!”
Sue G.
24th March 2012

“Very easy going, relaxed and open environment” 31st March 2012

“Session was motivating and easy to understand. Many thanks “
Sue S.
10th of March 2012

“Very good to be here.”
Gorete M.
2nd March 2012

“The therapist did a brilliant job”
25th February 2012

“Very good course – very interesting analogies”
25th February 2012

“The day was a real gift – A Lifesaver! Thank you!”
25th February 2012

“Looking forward to not smoking!”
Graham S.
25th February 2012

“Good facilitator”
Nick Q.
25th February 2012

“The therapist was very good”
Philip A.
14th Feb 2012

“Great relaxed atmosphere – calm. Helped the information get in”
Sarah S.
11th Feb 2012

“Thank you for freeing me from so much slavery”
Kate C .
11th Feb 2012

“So far so good! Very informative”
Kam A.
11th Feb 2012

“The therapist is incredibly kind and understanding, he really makes me want to succeed. Thank you.”
Julia A .
7th Feb 2012

“Loving the session”

“Keep up the good work. There is no other way. Many thanks for freeing me.”
25th February 2012

“Super session – Thank you!!!”
25th February 2012