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How do people find out how to stop smoking with Allen Carr’s Easyway?

Written by | Last Updated 02 January 2014

It’s wonderful to receive emails, letters, tweets, facebook, and website comments from happy non-smokers who used Allen Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking method. Allen Carr’s favourite word was ‘Serendipity’ and this story below is a great example of that – as well as a tribute to the marketing genius of Amazon.


Very good morning to you.
I’ve smoked for 32 years – a fairly heavy smoker – 7 days a week & 17 hours a day!

Having tried on at least 20 occasions to kick the filthy habit, using Nicotine Patches, Nicotine Gum, Nicotine sprays, attended NHS stop smoking clinics (sat in front of the nurse feeling guilty while she’s prescribes yet again champix only to fail again and not turn up again as promised).

My trip started with health problems In 2007 – a visit to a specialist to be diagnosed with sleep apnoea.
I would lie in bed wheezing as all smokers do, before finally dropping off to sleep, only to wake the following morning shattered & no energy to face the day.

I promised myself in 2007 I would act. Since then I have lost 3 stone in weight, I visit the gym 5 days a week, and for the last 12 months I really thought I was back from the brink…great energy levels, social life etc. Smoking was the only remaining issue. During my cardio routine, I would still gasp for oxygen and struggle to keep my heart beat below 165 whilst pushing to my limits, Why ??? Smoking! I again booked to see the nurse for another course of Nicotine patches. After more than a week wait, I finally had my £18, 7 day patches, (which cost the same as I spent on smoking – a 50 gram pack of hand rolling tobacco).

Three days in I looked like a leper, with bright red itchy mark. I walked the short distance to the corner shop and brought some more tobacco.
Back in work the next day, the walk to the fag shelter & the comments from my fellow smokers who had known I was trying to quit smoking again. “That didn’t last long Boss”, “Knew you wouldn’t cope as a Manager & no Nicotine” etc, etc.

Whilst buying fag filters And cigarette paper in bulk from Amazon, Allen Carr’s easy way to stop smoking book came up as a recommendation (after I completed checkout). I stopped and opened the item, I read comments, then googled the said book, and eventually brought it.

I only read before bedtime, and found the more I read and chuckled to myself, in completed agreement with the book, my wife would ask what so funny? I would answer that with her being a non-smoker she wouldn’t understand! As I read more, I couldn’t wait to finish it, the excitement from within, I can’t describe it!!

The end came 06.09.12 whilst in bed, I came to the final chapter. I didn’t want to smoke anymore. I threw all smoking items including a brand new pouch of t tobacco, my Zippo lighter, all the ash trays and went back upstairs to bed. Next morning I did exactly the same as usual – washed, had breakfast, and the only difference was I hadn’t had to have a cigarette before I’d even left the bedroom. I didn’t have to sit and roll 3 fags so I could smoke them during the drive to work. I don’t have to do that – or even be in the smoking shelter at 08.05am Monday – Friday , just before the production meeting at work. I don’t have to race through my lunch so I can get 3 smokes in during lunch time and I don’t need to walk off site or drive somewhere as an excuse to get an a afternoon smoke in! I don’t have to roll 5 smokes at 16.15pm , 2 to travel to the gym, and 3 from the gym home. I don’t argue with the wife (as I did when using NRT) , I don’t get stressed, I don’t have a lovely nice car spoiled by being full of fag ash and I don’t have a PC at home full of ash with burns on the desk. It has now been 2 weeks, and I know that I will be a NONSMOKER for the rest of my life, thanks to Allen Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking book. I’d like again to say a massive thank you – my only regret is I never brought (or heard about) this book 30+ yrs ago.

Yours forever
JN from Shropshire