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How to Change and Stop Drinking Alcohol Without Willpower – WHIMN & The Cut

Written by | Last Updated 08 January 2019

Reviewed by Paul Baker

Excerpt from an article in With Her in Mind (WHIMN) by Edith Zimmerman on how she stopped drinking alcohol with Allen Carr’s Easyway:

“It’s a new year! Time to reinvent yourself. Maybe you want to save more money, get fit, date better, eat better, use your phone differently, or drink less. I have tried most of these. And the hardest one — drinking less, after years of trying to do just that — ended up being the easiest, in the end. The key, for me, wasn’t finding a way to handle temptation or desire. It was uprooting the desire to drink in the first place, and replacing it with an entirely new belief…..

I loved alcohol, it was my friend. It made me happy, it made things funny, it was relaxing. It was what I did, it was what I was good at. It was part of my personality.

I also knew that it was making me slow, fat, and mean. Numb. I was hemorrhaging money, I had no real plans or hopes for the future, I hated looking in the mirror. I had stomach issues, my skin was terrible, my periods were all messed up. Every day felt the same, and it felt in general like I was staring at the ground. I was hiding how much I drank, spreading the truth out so no one knew all of it. No one knew me.

So I believed both that I loved drinking, and that it was ruining my life. For me, it changed the day — the morning, the hour — that I realised, finally, that I no longer loved alcohol. That it wasn’t making me happy and ruining my life, it was just ruining my life…..

I don’t know if my desire to be done with alcohol would have held up on its own. Maybe it would have faded in a few days or weeks. But I’d ordered a book about how to stop drinking, months earlier on a whim. It was Allen Carr’s Stop Drinking Now, which cost $12. I had owned it for six months, but I hadn’t felt ready to read it until that moment. I read the book in one afternoon, it gave me a new way of thinking about alcohol, and I became a nondrinker. This sounds a little spacey, but it feels like I finally stepped forward, by being open, and then the book met me halfway, giving me a perspective I couldn’t unsee. It’s been 2.6 years, and I haven’t wanted a drink since.”

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From the desk of John Dicey, Global CEO & Senior Therapist, Allen Carr’s Easyway