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I am a strong-willed person in all other areas of my life but when it comes to taking drugs, I am useless. Why?

Written by and Paul Baker | Last Updated 09 March 2016

It is a common misconception that it takes willpower to quit drugs, and that belief alone can make it difficult to quit. But does it really take willpower to quit drugs?, or is it a shift of perspective that is really needed?

You only need willpower not to do something that you actually want to do. If you don’t want to do something, it doesn’t take willpower not to do it. The difficulty that many experience is because even though they want to quit drugs, they still want to keep taking them. They want to keep doing it because they believe that it gives them some kind of pleasure or crutch.

At Allen Carr’s Easyway we teach you how to correct your perspective with respect to taking drugs in a way that leaves you with no desire to take them whatsoever. And with no desire to take them, it doesn’t take willpower to not do it. Join the millions who have learnt how to escape to freedom using this simple, drug free approach.

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