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The issue of copyright theft

Written by | Last Updated 22 March 2011

We recently had this message posted on our Facebook page –

“where i can find free pdf of the only way to stop smoking ,does anyone know? i’ll be very thankfull if someone will send me a link”

And here was our reply –

Reply from the desk of John Dicey, Worldwide Director, Allen Carr’s Easyway:

I think the world has moved into a pretty strange place when someone can talk so openly about copyright theft. Would someone post on this page “Does anyone know of somewhere I can get stolen books for free?” or “Does anyone know of a bookstore with zero security where I can find it easy to steal books?”

The willingness of otherwise honest and upstanding citizens to steal copyright material amazes me. They are normally the same kind of people who demand that a starving man stealing an apple should be sentenced to life in prison – yet they somehow ignore the enormity of their crime against art, creativity, commerce, and decency when they steal a book online as well as ignoring their actual crime against the laws of copyright.

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Those people who continually steal in this manner never think of the families they are stealing from (yes Allen Carr’s Easyway employs many, many people, many of whom have families). They never think of the investment they are preventing in spreading the cure for smoking around the world. Editions of our books don’t magically appear in dozens of languages and our centres around the world aren’t supported by mere oxygen. How shameless are the book thieves?

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that someone who is yet to experience the magic of being freed by Allen Carr’s Easyway method might value the method so little that they would denigrate themselves by stealing it. Stealing from the very method that they hope will deliver them from a lifetime’s slavery to addiction. We provide a cure for smoking which costs the price of a few packs of cigarettes – you’d think it wouldn’t be beyond a person to retain their honesty and decency and commit to paying the price rather than become a common thief!

If you really have that little money Agnieszka, please accept my apologies for the tone of my reply, send me your address and I will send you a free copy of the book and pay the postage myself. I do this for anyone who tells us they genuinely cannot afford the book. Tragically I suspect this act of kindness will not stop you, or those like you, from stealing whatever other copyright material takes their fancy whenever they feel like it….and of course when this organisation and its like ceases to exist because of copyright thieves, who will be looking after those less fortunate than the rest of us?

As Jerry Seinfeld once said “A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking”. What a shame it will be when they are all gone!

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