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Cancer Association of South Africa endorses Allen Carr’s Easyway as part #WorldNoTobaccoDay

Written by | Last Updated 31 May 2019

Reviewed by Sue Bolshaw

Extract from an article in which Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) which endorses Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Smoking

#WorldNoTobaccoDay: Encourage smokers to take a deep breath, for health’s sake, and stop smoking.

“Youth are led to believe that hookah smoking or using hubbly bubbly is not harmful and that e-cigarettes are a safe alternative to smoking, but hookah use has many of the same health risks as cigarette smoking and the safety of e-cigarettes has not yet been scientifically shown. Testing has highlighted that e-cigarettes vary widely in the amount of nicotine and other chemicals they deliver, and this is not communicated to buyers. Nicotine exposure also negatively affects brain development in teens and young adults,” stated Elize Joubert, CANSA CEO.

The global health burden caused by tobacco smoking is responsible for over two thirds of lung cancer deaths and accounts for one in five cases of Tuberculosis (TB)…

e-Cigarettes must be included when considering health risk, because the use of these products leads to the emission of fine/ultrafine inhalable liquid particles, nicotine and cancer-causing substances into the air.

Joubert added: “Ten years after quitting smoking, personal cancer risk is half that of a smoker, and immediate health benefits may be experienced. Although e-cigarettes have been marketed as aids to help quit smoking, the evidence that they help is unsupported. In fact they may encourage more regular use of nicotine. They are also more expensive than cigarettes, and smokers may return to cigarettes to save money.”

CANSA encourages smokers to acknowledge that smoking is harmful and decide to quit and find support. View helpful tips from Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking Programme – a CANSA Smart Choice”

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From the desk of John Dicey, Global CEO & Senior Therapist, Allen Carr’s Easyway

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