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Allen Carr’s Easyway will help you become free and happy again.

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I have failed at rehab so how can a one day seminar work for me?

We understand why you might find it hard to believe. The simple truth is that Allen Carr’s Easyway method works in the complete opposite way to other methods. Rather than attempting to focus your strength and willpower on resisting the drug it simply removes the desire for the drug entirely.

Can I still socialise / enjoy life with my friends when I quit?

Absolutely. When you leave a seminar you are free from the tricks that drugs plays on the brain and you will not want to take them again. This means you are free to socialise with friends even while they use and not feel the desire to join them.

We know that’s hard to believe – but take our word for it – whether you’re surrounded by users – you’ll be a happy non-user and won’t be tempted to use. Even better – you won’t turn into one of those awful ‘reformed users’ – someone who quits drugs and subsequently hassles and harangues their drug using friends.

Your friends, colleagues, and family will be amazed how easily you’ll cope with life as a happy non-drug taker and you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything once you quit drugs.

How successful is Allen Carr’s Easyway method?

The success rate after an Allen Carr’s Easyway Seminar based on the three-month money-back guarantee is over 90 per cent.

Independent scientific studies published in peer review journals indicate that even after 12 months the success rate for quit smoking remains over 51% and 53% after 3 years per Addictive Behaviours in October 2006 and Long-term success of short smoking-cessation seminars supported by occupational health care, “H. Moshammer, M. Neuberger. Addictive Behaviors (2007) Success Rate 51.4% after 3 years and Smoking cessation at the workplace: 1 year success of short seminars H.P Hutter, H.Moshammer, M.Neuberger. Internal Archives of Occupational Environmental Health (2005) 40% (worse case) 55% (best estimate).

We are currently undertaking further clinical trials to confirm the success rate of Allen Carr’s Easyway method.

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How does the Allen Carr’s Easyway method work?

The method helps to change your perception of your drug. It does not focus on the reasons you should quit taking it. You know all about those already: they are what made you read this in the first place. We look at the reasons why you do take the drug. Once you truly understand these, the drug will no longer be an issue for you. This process works regardless of which drug we tackle – whether it is cocaine, heroin and other opiates, marijuana, prescription drugs, ketamine or any other drug.

You have seen from the success rate that Allen Carr’s Easyway method is the most successful drug cessation therapy available today, and is quite unlike anything else because:

You can be free from your drug addiction easily in one day;

Withdrawal symptoms are reduced to the extent that they’re virtually imperceptible and therefore not a problem.

This is the only method that truly treats and eliminates the mental addiction – eradicating that ‘but I enjoy taking drugs and miss it’ feeling – so you do not need willpower;

It is completely natural: no need other medications so the therapy has no side-effects and no ongoing costs.

To sum it up, the biggest advantage of this method is that you are going to free from drugs easily, without pain and any sense of loss – and permanently.

If you quit by using Allen Carr’s Easyway method:

  • You will not be tense or nervous
  • You will enjoy social occasions more
  • You will be able to overcome stress more easily
  • You will be able to concentrate better
  • You will not be tormented by a desire to take drugs – even occasionally
  • The quitting process will be quick, easy, and actually enjoyable.

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I am a strong-willed person in all other areas of my life but when it comes to taking drugs, I am useless. Why?

It is a common misconception that that it takes willpower to quit drugs, and that belief alone can make it difficult. But does it really take willpower, or is it a shift of perspective that is really needed.

You only need willpower not to do something that you actually want to do. If you don’t want to do something, it doesn’t take willpower not to do it. The difficulty that many experience is because even though they want to quit drugs, they still want to keep taking them. They want to keep doing it because they believe that it gives them some kind of pleasure or crutch.

At Allen Carr’s Easyway we teach you how to correct your perspective with respect to taking drugs in a way that leaves you with no desire to take them whatsoever. And with no desire to take them, it doesn’t take willpower to not do it. Join the millions who have learnt how to escape to freedom using this simple, drug free approach.

I’m under a lot of stress at the moment, should I wait?

You may believe that taking drugs relieves stress or helps you cope with anxiety. Anyone who believed this would have a desire to take drugs in such situations and that desire to take drugs would make it difficult to quit. But does taking drugs really relieve stress, or is there something else going on?

Well, if taking drugs relieved stress you could reasonably expect drug users to be able to cope with stress better than non-drug users and this just isn’t the case. In fact, research indicates that drug users are substantially more stressed and suffer far higher levels of anxiety than non-drug users.

Allen Carr’s Easyway helps you understand the trick that drugs play on the brain. This trick cons the user’s brain into seeing the drug as a stress reliever when in fact it is a stress creator. We can completely remove your desire to take drugs in a stressful situation, and with no desire to use, it doesn’t take willpower to quit.

What about the terrible withdrawal pangs?

You may believe that drug withdrawal is difficult and unpleasant, and this belief would create a tremendous fear of quitting for anyone, but is withdrawal really that bad?

The reality is that drug users go into withdrawal whenever they finish taking their drug. It is an illusion that there is physical withdrawal pain from the drug itself. We are never badly addicted to the chemical itself.

Perhaps you feel that you have to suffer a few days of withdrawal to get free.

The fact is that the really unpleasant aspects of withdrawal are not caused by the drug itself but because the person taking it believes the drug is a crutch and a pleasure that they must resist for the rest of their lives. All this creates an awful tug-of-war in their mind: on the one hand they want to take the drug, while on the other they know that if they do use it will destroy them. We don’t dispute that mental stress can create powerful physical symptoms – sweating and shaking, just as a child that has been deprived of its toy will exhibit similar pronounced physical symptoms that in themselves have no real physical cause. The cause is mental: the child is focussing on what it can’t have, to the exclusion of everything else.

Of course, if the parent gives in to the child and lets it have its toy, those symptoms will disappear in an instant.

And if the person gives in to their craving, the sweats and the shakes start to subside with the first hit. In fact you don’t even have to wait for the first puff, snort, or injection: the discomfort starts to subside while you prepare to take the drug! They don’t disappear when the person takes it; they disappear when they decide to take it.

It’s the addict’s mind that craves the drug, not their body. The belief that the drug provides some kind of pleasure or crutch is an illusion.

Are we saying no one ever goes through any discomfort as a result of drug withdrawal? No we’re not, and if you do experience any discomfort you should go and see your doctor. What we’re saying is that most of what people mistake for physical withdrawal is in fact caused by the mind. It is extremely rare for anyone to actually suffer purely as a result of physical withdrawal. We’ve seen thousands of extremely heavy drug takers quit without going through any real pain. Quite the reverse: once people finally get it clear that they’re not making any sacrifice, they’re delighted to be free.

Some people do go through a little discomfort – perhaps becoming a little jittery or having a few sweats for a couple of days. So what? They’ll be the happiest days of your life. You have a horrific disease and you’ll have found the cure. The agony that you would inflict upon yourself by remaining an addict would be a million times worse. Imagine you told someone with cancer there was a permanent cure, but they might have the sweats and the shakes for a few days. How do you think they would respond?

To overcome your fear of withdrawal, you need the facts, not the fiction. Get the facts about drug withdrawal (trust us, you’ll be surprised) and quit drugs easily with Allen Carr’s Easyway.

What if the program I choose doesn’t work?

The success rate for our seminars is staggeringly high, over 90% based on our 3 month money back guarantee and independent scientific studies published in peer review journals indicate that even after 12 months the success rate the method remains over 50%.

As well as telephone support after the seminar – we also provide two free of charge back up seminars for the few that require them – these are provided as part of the money-back guarantee. If you don’t quit taking your drug after completing the program your fee is refunded in full.

The seminars are effective whether you have previously used any other Allen Carr’s Easyway products (such as our on demand program, books or apps). Whether you quit for a short period or failed to quit entirely the centres seminars will work for you – hence you still get the assurance of the money back guarantee.

Why should I choose a seminar?

The seminar is the original and most successful Allen Carr’s Easyway program. It boasts a success rate of 90%, a full money back guarantee*Full money back guarantee - if within three months from the date of your first session you are still taking drugs and decide not to quit your fee will be refunded in full. This guarantee will be invalidated in any of the following events (1) that you cancel, postpone or fail to attend any session or arrive over fifteen minutes late for any seminar (2) that you fail to attend at least two free back-up sessions within three months of the date of your first session (the second and third seminars are not a repeat of the first session and last approximately 2½ - 3½ hours each). Please note that at some clinics back-up sessions may take place on weekdays only. Please check with your local clinic. Promotions may not include the Money Back Guarantee. and full support.

Millions of people have successfully quit by using Allen Carr’s Easyway and the centres continue to be the most powerful and effective way of receiving the method – hence our ability and willingness to offer our money-back guarantee.

There is a money-back guarantee. Quit taking the drug or your money back.

The center seminars are effective whether you have read any of Allen Carr’s books or used any other Allen Carr’s Easyway products in the past or not. Even if you failed to quit by using the method in another form, the seminar will work for you.

You can ask questions throughout the live seminar. And you’ll get a real, live, straight answer from someone who has themselves used Allen Carr’s Easyway method to be free from drugs and has received comprehensive training to become a qualified Allen Carr’s Easyway Senior Facilitator.

You’ll be shown a strategy to help you break through your fears and easily deal with anything that may previously have led to temptation. This is done using powerful psychology aimed at the conscious mind, reinforced at the end of the seminar by light relaxation.

Although you will be given everything you need in one seminar to become a happy non-drug taker, if you should need support after you leave us, free back-up seminars and telephone support is available.

What happens during a seminar?

The 1-2-1 seminar lasts around six hours, during which the facilitator will be help you to understand exactly what you do and why you do it as a drug taker. You may be surprised by much of what you hear! We will cover the psychological addiction in detail and will show you how to get rid of it.

We will clear up the misconceptions that keep all drug takers in mental captivity and put an end to mental addiction.

This is the most important aspect of the drug cessation process because without this element you can only quit with great difficulty and suffering. The success rates for all other methods are so low exactly because they ignore the mental aspects of the addiction. They ignore the fact that a drug taker thinks they enjoy taking the drug.

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When and where are seminars organised?

There are currently a select few venues in the UK as well as our 1-2-1 online seminars which are live video seminars with a Facilitator.

Contact us to find your nearest center and discuss dates and times of seminars 

How much does a seminar cost?

How much would you be willing to pay if you could be drug free in a day saving you £’000s a year?

A personal 1-2-1 Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Taking Drugs seminar in London or online via a live web link with a Facilitator costs from US$1,800. During this private seminar you are the only client.

What is the money-back guarantee?

Exactly what it says!

If you are unable to be free from drugs or you start taking it again within three months of the Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Taking Drugs seminar and you have participated in the 2 (free of charge) back up seminars (without cancelling/postponing, failing to attend, or arriving more than 15 minutes late), get in touch with us by email or letter, and we will return the entire fee to you.

Be reassured – we have provided this money-back guarantee for 30 years and we offer it in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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Do you use Light relaxation?

At the end of the seminar there is a short period of light relaxation designed to reinforce what you have learned during the main part of the seminar and remove any remaining doubts that you may have. This is a period of light relaxation and is not deep hypnosis – you are never ‘put under’ or put into a trance. It’s always a pleasant, relaxing, enjoyable experience.

What aids do you use and recommend after the seminar?

The fabulous news is that you don’t need any aids after the seminar. The seminar is designed to set you free without any need for any aids, substitutes, or any other gimmicks afterwards. We provide you with some clear instructions as you leave the seminar and if you follow them you’ll never take drugs again. The seminar has no side-effects and so there are no ongoing costs (physical or financial) at all.

How many people are there in a seminar?

All our drugs seminars are 1-2-1 so there will be only you and the Facilitator.