Quit Drinking Success Rate

The success rate at Allen Carr’s Easyway Centers is over 90% based on the three month money-back guarantee.

stop smoking success rate

Independent scientific studies published in peer review journals indicate that even after 12 months the quit smoking success rate remains over 51% and 53% after 3 years per Addictive Behaviours in October 2006 and Long-term success of short smoking-cessation seminars supported by occupational health care, H. Moshammer, M. Neuberger. Addictive Behaviors (2007) Success Rate 51.4% after 3 years and Smoking cessation at the workplace: 1 year success of short seminars, H.P Hutter, H. Moshammer, M.Neuberger. Internal Archives of Occupational Environmental Health (2005) 40% (worse case) 55% (best estimate).

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