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What makes Allen Carr’s Easyway method so easy?

All smokers began as nonsmokers

Because cigarettes are highly addictive, smokers quickly come to feel like they need cigarettes to survive. The urge to smoke has nothing to do with personality type, how much you smoke, or your circumstances! All smokers began as nonsmokers, and all smokers can go back to being nonsmokers, no matter who they are.

The method cracks the highly manipulative code that drives smokers to smoke. It doesn’t matter if you smoke four packs a day or two cigarettes a day the method makes it just as easy to quit smoking as it was to start.

Why is quitting so hard?

Most smokers have thought about quitting smoking. Surveys show that most smokers would actually rather be nonsmokers. When we ask ourselves why we keep smoking, we find that many of our answers are rooted in fear.

We are afraid that we don’t have enough willpower to quit or that if we do quit, we’ll gain weight. We’re afraid that we won’t be able to manage stress, relax, or focus on work without cigarettes. Even when cigarettes aren’t making us feel that great, most of us keep smoking because we are afraid that we’ll feel worse if we stop. We see nonsmokers enjoying life without cigarettes, and yet we can’t imagine this for ourselves.

Brainwashing is the real obstacle to overcoming a smoking addiction.

This is the trap of addiction at work. We’re not only afraid that the quitting process will be difficult and painful, we are also totally convinced that our ability to enjoy life depends on smoking. Heroin addicts feel the same way about heroin, and alcoholics feel the same way about alcohol. Nicotine addiction, at its core, operates in the same sneaky ways as other addictions, feeding on fear. There is a way out of this trap. The Easyway method provides a blueprint that has worked for tens of millions of people. Becoming a nonsmoker is easier than you think! Unlike other methods that rely on willpower or reward systems, the Easyway method is a guide to taking the power away from your addiction and truly breaking free. Not only will you not smoke, you will not want to smoke.

What Tobacco companies don’t want you to KNOW!

The tobacco industry has used unique techniques to become one of the richest industries in the world. They attract new clients by using the media. By marketing cigarettes as cool, sexy, and edgy, tobacco companies target young people and plant the seeds of curiosity and desire.

They then use a powerful NDS (Nicotine Delivery System), specially designed with manipulative chemicals that make nicotine enter the body even faster, to make cigarettes incredibly addictive.

The benefits you associate with smoking are nothing more than illusions.

Nicotine addiction is extremely insidious, and there is an entire industry built around trying to keep smokers trapped in the cycle of buying products that they feel dependent on. When you think about that, it really isn’t too surprising that only 3% of smokers who try to quit on their own actually succeed for longer than a year. Of those who do succeed, many former smokers still feel irritable and deprived even after months or years without a cigarette! Why is this? The reality is that even people who have smoked for years don’t fully understand the underlying mechanisms of addiction. And why would they? Unless they are professionals in that field, there is no reason that anyone would be expected to know that stuff.

There’s no better time than the present.

If you notice you have a cavity, you probably aren’t going to grab a drill from the garage and try to fix it yourself. No! You are going to go to a dentist. And yet, when it comes to quitting smoking, many people try to be their own dentist. This is why the success rate (only 3%) is so low. Everybody knows that they need a dentist to fix a tooth. When it comes to making one of the most important decisions of your life—something that will affect the health of your entire body for years to come—it’s a good idea to call in an expert. Proven methods can support you through the quitting process and give you the best possible chances of success.

Your freedom starts here!

Sometimes the hardest part of any major life change is taking the first step. We tell ourselves that we’ll wait just a little bit longer to make sure it’s the right choice, when in our hearts we already know it is. We’re just afraid to change. When it comes to quitting smoking, the right time is right now. There is no magic pill that is going to make you do it, and the longer you wait, the more time you waste. By using a proven method that has guided smokers from all walks of life into fully embracing the relief and joy that comes from becoming a nonsmoker, you can hit the ground running. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

That is why it is called the Easyway!

After using Allen Carr’s Easyway method, you will enjoy a feeling of freedom right from the start.

All feelings of deprivation are removed, and even in the case of serious addiction, the physical withdrawal is hardly noticeable.

You will not miss anything!


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