Can you cure a gambling addiction?

gambling addiction

It is possible to cure gambling addiction. Whether someone considers themselves a problem gambler, a compulsive gambler, or a gambling addict they can set themselves free from the issue – as long as they go about it in the right way.

Most mainstream methods of helping gambling addicts focus on the use of willpower. The idea is to have the gambler acknowledge that their problem is ruining their lives and the lives of their loved ones, and that they should commit to a lifelong battle resisting the temptation to gamble. If the gambler feeling bad about what they’ve done to their family and swearing never to gamble again really worked – the gambler wouldn’t have ended up seeking the treatment prescribing they do exactly that. They will have sworn off gambling dozens of times and failed. Some programs even rely on the addict acknowledging that they have an incurable disease which they will have to battle for the rest of their lives! No wonder they make people miserable!

Can a compulsive gambler change and stop gambling?

The key to curing a gambling addiction, to no longer being a problem gambler or compulsive gambler, is to have the addict understand exactly what it is that they think they enjoy about it. Gamblers already know about the downsides; the cost, the debts, the loss of property & love, and the utter shame – there’s no point in ramming that down their throat. It’s highly patronising and entirely counter-productive. But looking at their perceived advantages of gambling, and understanding the process they went through in becoming addicted is an entirely empowering, enlightening, and positive process which leaves the gambler ready to walk away from something that was devastating their lives and the lives of their family, with a smile on their face, like someone who has been released from the darkest, dankest, most uncomfortable dungeon.

Surprisingly this process, far from being a lifetime battle, or requiring residential treatment (which itself costs thousands and thousands of pounds) takes just a few hours. In fact, if you’re a problem gambler, compulsive gambler, or gambling addict reading this there is no doubt that you can already sense, albeit sceptically, a little light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in your life. Get in touch with Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Gambling program.

What to do if you have a gambling problem?

Allen Carr’s Easyway understands how gambling makes them feel and, without being judgemental or patronising, we take them through the process of how to free themselves from the addiction to gambling. We demonstrate how gamblers fall into the trap, the psychology behind being addicted to risk and how to quit gambling once and for all.

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Top Tips on How to Deal with a Gambling Addiction – Allen Carr’s Easyway

Many people think Allen Carr’s Easyway is simply a series of tips on how to quit gambling. It isn’t.

It’s as if gambling addicts, problem gamblers, and compulsive gamblers are lost in a maze. They want to get out of it but they don’t know which route will take them to freedom. Allen Carr’s Easyway method provides a map of the maze along with simple guidance and instructions to help gambler escape from their addiction. However, if you try to follow the instructions without first understanding the map, or you fail to follow all the instructions, you may never find the exit from the ‘gambling maze’.

Once you’ve got it clearly into your mind that there are no advantages to gambling and that you’ve simply been conned into thinking that there are (that takes around 3 hours with Allen Carr’s Easyway program), then the instructions below will help you get free.

  1. 1. Understand and accept that you have a serious problem

    You might consider yourself to have had a run of bad luck, or someone who ‘is a little too fond of a flutter’, or perhaps you’re just beginning to become concerned about how often, and how much, you’re gambling. Whether you’re all of those, or consider yourself to be a ‘problem gambler’, or a ‘compulsive gambler’, the truth is, you’re a gambling addict. You accepted that the moment you started looking for help. The great news is, that regardless of how you’ve fared in the past when you tried to quit, there is an easy and painless way of doing so. Accept that you have an issue, decide that you’re going to sort it out, and choose the best method to do so.

  2. 2. You can’t escape the fact, you’ve hurt people, most of all yourself. Get over it;

    it’s time to accept what you’ve done, caused tremendous distress, emotional pain, upset, and that you have inflicted awful trauma on your loved ones, putting their home, stability, and family wellbeing at risk because of your gambling issue. Like you, they’re long suffering and probably feel utterly helpless. Look after yourself, your finances, and your own mental health first. You’ve been through an awful lot and confiding in someone is important. Before you can help your loved ones you first need to look after yourself.

  3. 3. Accept that you have a gambling problem & confide in your nearest and dearest if you can;

    It’s extraordinary how low a gambling addict can can drag their loved ones, friends, and colleagues before they are prepared to even consider that they have a problem. Even in the face of repeated financial catastrophes leading to ever-accumulating life-long debts, some will still maintain that they’re not addicted. You’re out of control, whether you consider yourself a compulsive gambler, a problem gambler or, a gambling addict – it amounts to the same; you’re an addict. If you weren’t you’d have no reason to be reading these words right now.

  4. 4. Straight talking prepares the ground;

    if you confide in a loved one don’t expect a pat on the back. Quite the reverse, although deep down they’ve suspected for a long time that you have a problem, suddenly confronting them with the facts is quite likely to provoke an out-pouring of anger. Take it on the chin and don’t allow it to feed your self-pity. You deserve their anger and if you’re very, very lucky, after a period, they’ll calm down and begin to appreciate that you’re addressing the issue.

  5. 5. Get help with gambling addiction right now;

    Although there seems like there’s lots of help for problem gamblers and gambling addicts it’s actually very difficult to find someone to help in the first instance. It only takes one disappointing phone call to a stranger on the end of a phone at Gamblers Anonymous to deter an addict and have them fall at the first hurdle. Look for a method that is easy to access, inexpensive, and quick. Read on, you’ll be relieved to know that such support does exist, provided by the world’s leading authority on addiction.

  6. 6. Don’t be disheartened;

    If it happens it isn’t your fault – it takes huge courage to reach out to an organisation for help and if their first contact is less then great – it can cause huge disappointment. Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Gambling book and on-demand seminar can help. They are standalone programs that don’t rely on strangers at the end of the phone, and are entirely anonymous and private. It’s a completely shame-free, empowering, and positive program that sets and addict free rather than has them attempt to fight a battle against the addiction.

  7. 7. Allow trust to build between you and your loved ones;

    Don’t react badly if you notice them looking over their shoulder. If they are wise then they should already have insulated themselves from you. Not just from a mental health point of view but from a financial point of view also. Don’t take this personally – they need to safeguard themselves. The more relaxed you can be about them protecting themselves and needing to reassure themselves by checking on you – the better. It’s a small price to pay for getting things straight.

  8. 8. If your loved ones are willing to listen and you want to talk, then talk;

    They may want to process what you’ve put them through and what you’ve been through, but be prepared for repeated moments of upset. When it dawns on them what they’ve gone without in order to fund your gambling addiction it can lead to anger. Understand that it is far better for them to get it off their chest than store it up. The more you talk, the greater chance there is of you rebuilding trust and relations. It can seem hard, but it’s worth it.

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