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Are You A Sugar Addict?

Written by | Last Updated 13 September 2016

Are You Really A Sugar Addict?

There is no doubt that sugar addiction is behind a global epidemic in type 2 diabetes. It’s not just the type of sugar that we’re consuming that is causing the problem but the quantity and frequency also.

If you look through your fridge, freezer, and kitchen cupboards you’re likely to be hard-pressed to find anything that is sugar-free. A massive 80% of supermarket shelf space is occupied by products containing added sugar. And it is ‘added sugar’ that is the culprit.

So how did sugar come to dominate our lives?

For decades the food industry hoodwinked (or conspired with) governments and health authorities with assassin-like precision resulting in ‘fat’ being falsely accused, convicted, and sentenced in a kangaroo court that actually allowed the real culprit, ‘sugar’, to not only walk free, but become the mainstay of healthy eating programs, nutritional guidelines, and diet plans for more than 30 years.

‘Fat’ was the fall-guy for the real killer; sugar!

It didn’t matter how much sugar was in your yoghurt – just as long as it was ‘low fat’. It didn’t matter how much sugar was in your jar of savoury sauce – just as long as it was ‘low fat’. In terms of deaths caused, and lives blighted, by obesity, heart disease, and diabetes those behind this deliberate deception are as culpable as the fat cats of Big Tobacco were when they lied about the addictive nature of nicotine and conspired, murderously, to conceal the link between smoking and cancer.

What was in it for the food industry?

Why did the food industry want fat, rather than sugar, to take the blame for obesity, ill-health, and lack of fitness? Well – firstly fat isn’t addictive – no wonder the food industry wanted it, rather than addictive sugar, to carry the can.

Secondly, adding sugar to processed foods makes cheap, bland, nutrition-free junk appear to taste of ‘something’. Take the addictive sugar out of junk food and you’d have to replace it with REAL food. It would cost more, profits would be hammered, and consumption would plummet. It would be like taking the cocaine out of the detergent, laxatives, or boric acid that it’s cut with…there’d be no compulsion to consume what remained.

So how did the general public react to flawed government and health department advice to spurn fat?

Most of us tried to follow the advice and ditched chops, steak, and sausages in favour of rice and pasta. We replaced butter with cheap trashy margarine and vegetable oil, jettisoned eggs in favour of cereals, and chose low fat milk instead of full fat quenched our thirst with orange juice. What happened? Rather than becoming slimmer, fitter, and healthier – we got fatter, less active, and sicker.

How was ‘Good Sugar, Bad Sugar’ written?

It was an honour to edit Allen’s work on sugar addiction to put it into a contemporary context for today’s sugar addicts. Allen worked extensively on applying his method to other issues and addictions, aside from cigarettes, drafting a huge quantity of texts. I worked closely with him and he entrusted Robin Hayley, now Chairman of Allen Carr’s Easyway, and myself, with the method, in the knowledge that we were more than capable of editing his texts and updating them as required.

It’s enabled us to properly apply the method to recent phenomena such as e-cigarettes as well as a host of other addictions and issues such as fear of flying, gambling, debt, sugar addiction, caffeine addiction, cannabis addiction and a whole variety of so-called harder drug addictions such as heroin and cocaine.

These are labours of love and being in a position to breath new life into Allen’s words is, not only an incredible honour and privilege, but is playing a huge part in our commitment to ensuring that Allen Carr’s legacy achieves its full potential.

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