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  • David Jul 15, 01:33 PM

    My wife and I had been smokers for 35 years and were each on 20 a day. In 2010 we decided to go to a seminar in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which was expensive at £450, but we were both wanting to give up and given that it was a refundable fee we thought it was worth a punt. During the seminar, we thought “what a complete waste of time” and were sure we would be applying for a refund. We happily tossed our cigarettes and lighters onto the pile at the end of the seminar, knowing that we had …

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The World’s Best-selling Book on how to stop smoking

Allen Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking is the world’s best-selling book on how to stop smoking, with over 13,000,000 copies sold in over 38 different languages. It explains in common-sense language how to free yourself from the ‘nicotine trap’ without having to use willpower, without gaining weight and without any withdrawal pangs.

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