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Overall client rating 4.8 | 9,227 reviews
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100% Drug free & natural
Overall client rating 4.8 | 9,227 reviews

Our seminars & programmes


Live group seminars

Highest success rate

Our one day seminars are the most effective way of using the method.

Available either at one of our centres (up to 25 people) or online via Zoom accessible by smartphone or computer (up to 15 people).

In addition there is our online mindfulness group seminar to help with anxiety, stress and depression which is an 8 week course and available via Zoom.

Money back guarantee for seminars (excl. weight & mindfulness)

Our therapist will guide you through your journey, helping you to understand your addiction and why you have found it so difficult to quit in the past.

Prices from US$495 – choose your issue expand_more
121 seminar to help quit drugs

Live one-to-one seminars

Highest success rate & Complete privacy

Our live one-to-one private seminars last for around 6 hours and are led by an experienced Allen Carr’s Easyway therapist.

The live seminars are also available online using Zoom via a computer, tablet or smartphone and for smoking a 1-2-1 seminar can be arranged in your own home.

Money back guarantee for seminars (excl. weight & mindfulness)

Our therapist will guide you through your journey, helping you to understand your addiction and why you have found it so difficult to quit in the past.

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Colleen Online video programme

Online video programmes

Most convenient

These programmes are available anytime and anywhere from our website.

They are a recorded video programme that you stream to your phone or computer and are presented by one of our most experienced facilitators, who has personally helped 1,000s of people.

The video programmes have been designed to be watched in one sitting but are broken down into section for ease of access.

Once you purchase you will have unlimited access to all parts for 15 to 75 day (depending on your selection).

Prices from US$59 – choose your issue expand_more
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Vitality customers go free!

We partner with the insurance and investment provider that rewards you for healthy habits. When you join Vitality, you can attend one Allen Carr programme, as part of your plan, at any one of our centres around the UK or online.

In other words, it’s free!

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Person booking a stop smoking, stop drinking, stop vaping or lose weight consultation on a phone
Free online consultation (smoking, alcohol or weight)

Not sure if you are ready?

Daunted by the prospect of what changing your habits will mean for you?

Want to stop, but concerned that you’ll find it tough?

We can help you to understand and remove those fears and in so doing, make quitting or losing weight easy.

Complete smoking consultation

Complete alcohol consultation

Complete weight consultation

Find a centre near you

Do you need help to quit? Quitting can be easy! Allen Carr’s Easyway are in cities all over UK, USA and Canada as well as in over 150 cities in over 50 countries worldwide.

Find a centre

Need some help?

Not sure if you’re ready? Daunted by the prospect of what stopping smoking will mean for you? We can help.

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