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Whether you need a little more encouragement, or are looking for some advice with an addiction, we have a range of articles to help you on your path to freedom. See our most popular articles or select a topic to view more.

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vanessa feltz talk tv show

Should non-smokers get an extra week's holiday? TalkTv

Global CEO of Allen Carr's Easyway reacts to the suggestion that non-smokers should receive an extra weeks holiday to make up for their smoking collea...

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms: causes, timeline, duration, prevention, and treatment

Learn about alcohol withdrawal symptoms, including pangs and delirium tremens. Get expert advice on preventing and treating alcohol withdrawal safely....

Smoking breaks and division at work - TalkTv

Global CEO of Allen Carr's Easyway speaks on Talk TV about smoking and vaping breaks and division at work
vanessa feltz talk tv show

Should smokers be penalised because of smoking breaks? TalkTv

Global CEO of Allen Carr's Easyway reacts to the suggestion that smokers should be penalised for taking smoking or vaping breaks.

Can you help me to quit vaping please?

It seems so hard to stop! Vaping doesn’t stink, it doesn’t taste bad and is just so convenient! I am really struggling to stop.

Can a gambler change? Do compulsive gamblers ever stop?

Discover the answer to the question Can a gambler change? Learn about the journey of compulsive gamblers as they work to overcome their addiction.

Teen vaping - a guide to spotting vaping & helping…

Discover how to identify teen vaping and learn how to help them quit with our guide. Protect your loved ones and promote a healthy lifestyle today.

How to stop unhealthy food & sugar cravings

Learn effective strategies to put an end to unhealthy food and sugar cravings. Improve your health with these practical tips and feel better than ever...

Spot the signs of gaming addiction & how to quit…

Learn how to spot the signs of gaming addiction and take the necessary steps to quit with our helpful guide. Get on the path to recovery today.

10 best foods to fight sugar cravings

So, what are the “foods that curb sugar cravings”? The answer might surprise you. When someone experiences a sugar craving – they assume that the onl...

Smoking & sex - Benefits of quitting for sex drive

Discover how quitting smoking can improve your sex drive. Learn about the benefits & effects of quitting smoking on sexual health. Find out more here.

Nicotine side effects guide - Duration & addiction risk

Discover the side effects of nicotine and the risks of addiction with our guide. Learn about the duration of nicotine withdrawals.

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