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“I will never gamble ever again. It is wonderful, helpful and really works! It removes the conflict within so that you are no longer tempted to gamble – ever again! Turn your life around instantly today…I know I will never gamble ever again already!”*

– James, UK

*Results may vary

Over the last 30 years Allen Carr’s Easyway has helped an estimated 50 million people in over 50 countries worldwide to be free.

We can help you too.

“I have broken a very bad habit, and gave me some very interesting things to think about my gambling… You don’t have to write down anything or do tasks. The method just wants you to be honest with yourself and take in a realistic prospective about gambling. It made me look at gambling in a whole new way.”*

– Paul, Chicago

*Results may vary

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Rating: 5

I wanted to reduce the amount of money I spent on slots/FOTBs so i gave this a try.

And to be honest I have broken a very bad habit, and gave me some very interesting things to think about my gambling.

Allen Carr’s Easyway just wants you to be honest with yourself and take in a realistic prospective about gambling. It made me look at gambling in a whole new way. *

Paul Leo

*Results may vary

Rating: 5

I became a gambler later in life, but within a year of starting I was totally addicted and well on my way to destroying my life. In less than 3 years I had spent my entire retirement savings of over three quarter of a million dollars, and I was precariously close to loosing my beloved family.

I had come to the point in my life that I had no money, I owed everyone, I was loosing my home and family, and I had no hope to ever end this vicious addiction. I wanted to end my life; I could see no other way out.

I decided to give it one more shot… I’m into my third month of being a non gambler and from that morning, I have had no urges (huge!) and have not gambled once. Occasionally, I will think, Wow! I don’t think of gambling, yeh! At 60, I am rebuilding my life. I have a good job now and some money in the bank. *

Shelley Spohn

*Results may vary

quit smoking naturally on your own

Rating: 5

Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Gambling will help you more than any group or club in a unique way that is actually obvious!

So obvious you cant see it. It is a different way and approach to gambling addiction and stopping. .

Its like being born again and being set free. Recommend to anyone with a gambling addiction of any kind as well as their family and friends.*

Kimberley Joy

*Results may vary

How do I quit drinking naturally on my own? freedom

Rating: 5

As a bad gambler myself hit rock bottom, Allen Carr made me realise how I’d been wasting my life away gambling. Now I’m a non-gambler and feel great…highly recommend !! It will set you free from the misery that gambling has brought to your life.

Stephen Millett

* Results may vary

Sir Richard Branson

(on Allen Carr's Easyway)

“I’m pleased to say it has worked for many of my friends and staff”*

*Results may vary

Chrissie Hynde

(quit smoking & drinking)

"The moral of my story is that drugs, including tobacco & alcohol, only cause suffering. I used Allen Carr’s Easyway & stopped."*

*Results may vary

Ashton Kutcher

(quit smoking)

"I haven't smoked since!"*

*Results may vary

Rafael Santandreau

(weight loss)

"Some consider me one of the best psychologists in Spain. Even in Europe. I discovered how to keep myself thin and in shape. And, of course, without effort! Only fun and joy."*

*Results may vary

Michael McIntyre

(quit smoking)

"I would recommend it to fact I’ve recommended it many times"*

*Results may vary

Nikki Glaser

(quit smoking & drinking)

"The best method to stop anything. I truly think if I wasn’t a comedian, I would want to be an Allen Carr seminar leader!"*

*Results may vary

Ellen DeGeneres

(quit smoking)

“If you want to quit… it’s called the Easyway to Stop Smoking… I’m so glad I stopped”*

*Results may vary

Lee Mack

(quit smoking & drinking)

..changed my whole attitude to alcohol…The world’s most successful way to stop smoking*

*Results may vary

Sir Anthony Hopkins

(quit smoking)

"It was such a revelation that instantly I was freed from my addiction"*

*Results may vary

Craig Revel Horwood

(quit smoking)

“I’m a fabulous and happy non-smoker thanks to Allen Carr”*

*Results may vary

Anjelica Huston

(quit smoking)

“Allen Carr achieved what I thought was impossible – to give up a thirty year habit literally overnight”*

*Results may vary

Jamie Lissow

(quit drinking)

“Sounds crazy...I stopped and that was 3 almost 4 years ago. It really is easy”*

*Results may vary

Neve Campbell

(quit smoking)

“There’ll be no going back”*

*Results may vary

Michael Ball

(quit smoking)

“I went to an Allen Carr session and stopped that day. … I have never looked back. ”*

*Results may vary


(quit smoking)

"I quit when I got pregnant. Thanks Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking"*

*Results may vary

Hrithik Roshan

(quit smoking)

"I tried quitting five times before and failed then I came across Allen Carr's Easyway...If I can quit so can you!"*

*Results may vary

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