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Podcast 11

The show is hosted by Colleen Dwyer, a senior Allen Carr’s Easyway therapist who is joined by Allen Carr Alcohol Therapist Gerry Williams
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Arguments against VAT on books irrefutable

Letter published in the FT by Robin Hayley, Chairman of Allen Carr’s Easyway

Poker addiction guide: How to stop & get help

Looking to overcome your poker addiction? Discover Allen Carrs guide on how to stop and get the help you need. Regain control of your life today.
Poker chips and cards for gambling

How to stop gambling – 9 tips to quit &...

Learn proven techniques and powerful strategies from Allen Carrs. Quit this destructive habit for good with 9 expert tips. Find freedom and reclaim control.

How to help a gambling addict (for family & friends)

Learn how to support a gambling addict with expert guidance from Allen Carr. Discover effective strategies for friends and family to help overcome addiction.

Being A Gambling Addict Is A Tough & Lonely Existence

Gambling addiction is lonely. To see someone you care about being destroyed by gambling addiction is an awful horror.

Beating & treating fixed odds betting addiction

Discover Allen Carrs proven techniques in Beating & Treating Fixed Odds Betting Addiction. Find effective solutions to overcome addiction and take control.
variety of wasy to gamble at a casino

Gambling firms to pay £100m a year to NHS

It’s interesting to see reports of the levy on the gambling industry to fund treatments and research into gambling addiction. I'd hope that the NHS would look at a wide...

How to stop & get help for scratch cards addiction

Learn how to overcome scratch card addiction and receive expert assistance from Allen Carr. Find effective strategies and support to regain control.

Can you treat lottery or lotto addiction?

Discover how Allen Carrs unique approach can help you overcome lottery or lotto addiction. Regain control of your life and break free from destructive habits.

Allen Carr’s Easyway wins health award

Allen Carr’s Easyway are delighted to announce that we have been given an award for “Outstanding work in the field of smoking cessation”.

New research shows after 2 years 40% still not smoking

New independent research in Italy shows that after 2 years 40% still not smoking after attending Allen Carr's Easyway Seminars