Whether you need a little more encouragement, or are looking for some advice with how to quit cannabis, we have a range of articles (and videos) to help you on your path to freedom and beyond.

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Paul Baker & Stephen Hammond MP

Stephen Hammond MP talks about Allen Carr's Easyway

We were pleased to welcome Stephen Hammond MP to our Global Head Office.
lady smoking cannabis weed

Cannabis and mental health: Understanding the link

With the increasing legalization globally and widespread use of cannabis, it's essential to explore its potential impact on mental well-being.
man smoking cannabis weed

How to help someone with a weed addiction

In the realm of addictive substances, cannabis holds a unique position. Long regarded as harmless or even therapeutic by many, its addictive potential is often downplayed or dismissed altogether.

Signs & symptoms of a cannabis addiction

Understanding the signs and symptoms of cannabis addiction is crucial for early intervention and support.
guide to weed withdrawal

Guide to weed withdrawal: Symptoms & treatment

While it is claimed that it has therapeutic benefits, many users may still encounter withdrawal symptoms if they use sheer willpower when they attempt to quit or cut back.
lady reading a book

Arguments against VAT on books irrefutable

Letter published in the FT by Robin Hayley, Chairman of Allen Carr’s Easyway
vapes with cannabis and simpsons advertised on tiktok

Cannabis vapes & Simpson's vapes advertised on TikTok

Cannabis vapes being marketed as sweets and promoted on TikTok

Can I quit drugs but socialise, enjoy life and be...

Can I socialise and enjoy my life with my friends who take drugs when I stop? Yes with the right method you can and feel relaxed and happy

How to quit smoking weed - Stop smoking weed guide...

Learn how to quit smoking weed for good with our comprehensive stop smoking weed guide. Our expert tips will help you finally break the cycle.

I have failed at rehab so how can a one...

The simple truth is that there is a method that works and does so in the complete opposite way to other methods. Rather than attempting to focus your strength and...

Go To Rehab? No, no, no!

Rehab lasts for weeks but Allen Carr's Easyway takes a day and it’s a revelation to our clients when they realise that the facts about addiction are the complete opposite...

Allen Carr’s Easyway wins health award

Allen Carr’s Easyway are delighted to announce that we have been given an award for “Outstanding work in the field of smoking cessation”.