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Allen Carr's Easyway featured in 'Love Lies Bleeding'

Rose Glass talking about her latest film ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ which includes audio from Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking book.
Paul Baker & Stephen Hammond MP

Stephen Hammond MP talks about Allen Carr's Easyway

We were pleased to welcome Stephen Hammond MP to our Global Head Office.
lady reading a book

Arguments against VAT on books irrefutable

Letter published in the FT by Robin Hayley, Chairman of Allen Carr’s Easyway
lady smoking

Quit smoking project with Local Councils is a big hit

Allen Carr’s Easyway heralded as “miracle” stop smoking treatment after successful trial
Cytisine tablets

Is cytisine the silver bullet for quitting smoking?

What is the latest quit smoking ‘wonder drug’ and does it work?
police do not cross the line tape

Police warn schools, parents, and kids about vapes

Written warning sent by Met Police about the risks of vaping after children hospitalized.
taxes written on a pile of cash

Government to tax vaping

Governments adore taxable addictions, so a tax on vaping was inevitable. We predicted this years ago.
vapes with cannabis and simpsons advertised on tiktok

Cannabis vapes & Simpson's vapes advertised on TikTok

Cannabis vapes being marketed as sweets and promoted on TikTok
Dr Chris van Tulleken

Dr Chris van Tulleken talks about Allen Carr's Easyway

Dr Chris van Tulleken, author of 'Ultra Processed People' talking to Steven Bartlett's The Diary of a CEO podcast about Allen Carr's Easyway
youth vaping Johnny rotten

Big Tobacco, doctors, scientists & “independent’ activist groups in cahoots!

As Johnny Rotten once asked, "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" Tobacco giants revealed to be bankrolling research to down play the risk of children vaping to boost sales...
young person smoking

UK smoking decline stalls since Covid

Smoking has been declining for decades until now according to new research by University College London.
Channel 4 news interview: Chris Van Tulleken & Krishnan Guru-Murty talk Allen Carr's Easyway

Allen Carr’s Easyway on Channel 4 News

Channel 4 news interview: Chris Van Tulleken & Krishnan Guru-Murthy talk Allen Carr's Easyway