Vaping leads to smoking in children and adolescents

Findings from 12 systematic reviews by the Institute of Public Health in Northern Ireland shows a significant link between vaping leading to smoking.

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The rise of vaping among children and adolescents in Northern Ireland has prompted a critical examination by the Institute of Public Health (IPH) in Belfast.

The report consolidates findings from 12 systematic reviews that delve deeply into the public health implications of vaping amongst youngsters.

Main findings

The evidence indicates a significant link between vaping and subsequent cigarette smoking in young people, supported by robust longitudinal data.

In other words it indicates vaping could be a gateway to more hazardous tobacco use, contradicting the notion of vaping as a safer alternative for young people.

Furthermore, the review also suggests vaping could be associated with several health issues such as increased risk of asthma, persistent coughing, and negative impacts on mental health.

It also showed vaping was linked to increased use of other substances like marijuana and alcohol, though the quality and quantity of evidence in these areas vary, suggesting a need for more detailed studies.

The need for further research

Despite these findings, the current body of research, while extensive, is not yet definitive. The mixed quality of evidence, especially regarding the long-term effects of vaping, indicates an urgent need for well-designed, detailed longitudinal studies. These future studies are crucial to fully understand the spectrum of health implications that vaping may entail for the younger population.

Comment by Allen Carr’s Easyway

At Allen Carr’s Easyway, we are deeply concerned by the growing evidence that vaping causes both mental and physical health issues as well as serving as a gateway to smoking among children and adolescents.

However, we are not surprised by these results having raised these issues continually over the last 10 years. Given the lack of regulation surrounding the introduction of vaping these outcomes were inevitable.

We’ve seen tangible evidence at our quit smoking and quit vaping centres across the country – with increasing numbers of young people attending for help to quit vaping and smoking.

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