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Life as a happy non-drinker is full of freedom and joy. Here are our tips and advice for the future.

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Pouring alcohol into glass

How to stop drinking - 6 tips to quit drinking...

This page will help you understand about the best method to help you to stop drinking - as well as our world famous top tips to quit drinking.

What kind of drinker am I?

Our society marginalizes most kinds of drug-taking, but with alcohol the roles are reversed. What kind of drinker are you?

Tips on how to socialise without drinking alcohol

Looking to socialize without alcohol? Check out expert tips to have fun and stay sober. Say goodbye to hangovers and hello to healthy connections.

Tips on quitting alcohol inspired by Allen Carr in WeRAddicted

An alcohol addiction is - as you could guess - no fun at all. Tops Tips on how to quit alcohol inspired by Allen Carr in Addicted

I’ve abstained from alcohol for weeks before – but this...

I’ve abstained from alcohol for weeks before – but this time it's different

Three Steps I Took to Become Alcohol Free

"From the age of about 28, drinking would incorporate an all-inclusive package of five day hangovers, depression, panic attacks, poor motivation and fatigue. My productivity, health, relationships and bank balance...

I was deeply mired in alcohol and drug addiction at...

How I stopped smoking and escaped from illegal drug addiction and went on to help people to get free by using Allen Carr's Easyway method.

Alcohol Free The Easyway

I stopped drinking alcohol with Allen Carr's Easyway - now I help others to freedom too #QuitAlcohol #StopDrinking #BeAddictionFree #AllenCarr #QuitDrinkingOnline

Freedom From Alcohol

Alternative to AA. A chat with an Allen Carr Alcohol Therapist. I quit drinking! #QuitAlcohol #StopDrinking #BeAddictionFree #AllenCarr

I have waited a year to write this. I attended...