What kind of drinker am I?

Our society marginalizes most kinds of drug-taking, but with alcohol the roles are reversed. What kind of drinker are you?

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What Kind of Drinker Are You?

Allen Carr’s Easyway method is best known for its phenomenal success in helping smokers across the globe quit smoking. But for more than a decade the method has also been successfully applied to alcohol.

Allen Carr’s ‘Easyway to Stop Drinking’, ‘No More Hangovers’, and ‘Stop Drinking Now’ books have helped hundreds of thousands of people escape the misery of alcohol addiction.

How successful has the method been?

Well – the results at our stop drinking alcohol seminars in London, Birmingham, and Manchester are so phenomenal – we’re able to apply the same money back guarantee that we’ve offered to smokers attending our centres for more than 30 years. If, having completed the alcohol programme, the drinker fails to stop drinking their fee is refunded in full. Based on that money back guarantee the success rate is over 90%.

Alcohol is everywhere

Alcohol is consumed by 90 per cent of UK adults. But few stop to question their assumptions about booze. The media don’t help when they circulate misleading phrases such as ‘alcohol and drugs’. A better expression would be ‘alcohol and other drugs’ – or just ‘drugs’ – because alcohol is a drug.

Our society marginalizes most kinds of drug-taking, but with alcohol the roles are reversed: people question why you don’t take it. If you don’t drink in this society many people assume you’re a bit of a freak.

What kind of drinker are you?

Maybe you’re a normal drinker who’s had one too many hangovers. You might suspect that you’re a problem drinker, or you might know full well that you’re what might be considered an alcoholic. You might just be having those worrying thoughts about what kind of grip alcohol has on you.

I’ve read about all kinds of drinkers and in a quick review of various websites I counted as many as 9 (nine) different types, aside from so called alcoholics and binge drinkers. In fact, there are many more types than that – if you can’t spot yourself don’t worry – it’s just interesting how society in general views a variety of types of drinkers.

1. The depressed drinker. Your life is in a state of crisis. Maybe you’re recently bereaved, divorced or in financial difficulty. You view alcohol as being a giver of comfort and harbour beliefs that it acts as a form of self-medication and that it helps you to cope with your feelings.

2. The de-stress drinker. You have a high-powered or generally stressful job or home life that can lead you to have feelings of being out of control and weighed down with responsibility. You believe you use alcohol to relax and wind down.

3. The re-bonding drinker. You’re a social butterfly with no time to focus on a close cohort of friends. You believe that alcohol helps you to connect briefly with an array of friends and acquaintances. You probably forget, or are not even aware of the extend of your drinking.

4. The conformist drinker. It’s just what you do. You are guy or a girl who winds down the day with a good old fashioned visit to the local bar or pub. It’s ‘me time’. There’s a place where everybody knows your name.

5. The community drinker. You’re a shaker and a mover and aside from the tennis, the bridge, the backgammon, the social club committee, alcohol features as the common denominator in everything you do. It’s a social network of like-minded people.

6. The boredom drinker. Typically, you’d be a single parent or recent divorcee with a restricted social life. You view drinking as being your company, your friend. Drinking indicates the end of the day, a time to put your feet up.

7. The macho drinker. Maybe you often feel out of touch, unappreciated, emasculated. Being a drinker makes you feel like the alpha male you really want to be. You yearn for status

8. The hedonistic drinker. You are single, divorced, or an empty-nester. You can ‘tie one on’ and ‘hit the town’ whenever you damn well want. Hard living and hard drinking…you believe drinking helps you express your independence, freedom and ‘youthfulness’ – you shake off your inhibitions.

9. The borderline dependent. You’re probably a bloke and you basically live in the pub. It’s like a home from home. You have a combination of motives, including boredom, the need to conform, and a general sense of malaise in your life.

The fact is – it doesn’t really matter what kind of drinker you are. Whatever kind of drinker you are, if you’re concerned about it, Allen Carr’s Easyway can help you.

More importantly – whatever kind of drinker you are – you can find it easy to stop drinking. You might find this an extravagant claim, but Allen Carr’s Easyway has only good news for you.

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From the desk of John Dicey, Worldwide CEO & Senior Therapist, Allen Carr’s Easyway