I’ve abstained from alcohol for weeks before – but this time it’s different

I’ve abstained from alcohol for weeks before – but this time it’s different

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It’s great to read Katrina Bruni’s engaging account of how alcohol came into her life and how she got free.

Katrina is an accomplished entrepreneur, social media manager, trainer, digital marketer, and talented blogger and you can read her story (and all sorts of other well-being tips and blogs) on the link at the end of this piece. Her site is definitely worth a visit for a whole number of reasons.

It was also great to read another great story from someone who recently quit drinking with the method, Jennifer Rodger, who read Allen Carr’s Easy Way For Women To Stop Drinking.

Jennifer wrote “I read the book and have followed it to the letter. I would never have believed I would feel so calm and am truly excited to simply believe in myself again. I am a non-drinker after ten years of believing otherwise.”

Allen Carr’s approach to getting free from alcohol focuses on the reasons we drink rather than the reasons we shouldn’t. For that reason, once you’ve taken the method on board, you feel a sense of freedom and release when you stop drinking, rather than any sense of loss.

The method is available as a physical book, e-book, or audiobook and there are live seminars as well as the online on-demand programme. This ensures that the method is ultimately accessible to as many people as possible – regardless of their financial circumstances. A keystone of Allen Carr’s Easyway organisation’s operating procedure is to ensure that as many people as possible can access the method regardless of location or wealth.

We also promise no scare tactics.

We simply don’t use any scare tactics or shocking images of the harm that drinking does. You know all about that already. Instead we examine and correct the misconceptions that keep all drinkers trapped. We don’t just look at the physical addiction but the mental aspect as well. You may be surprised that the addiction is 1% physical and 99% mental. This is the most important aspect of stopping drinking with Allen Carr’s Easyway – as long as we ‘get your head right’ the physical aspects of the addiction are actually incredibly mild.

Drinkers believe that they get some sort of genuine pleasure or benefit from drinking – that it helps them enjoy life, handle stress, relax and socialise. For this reason, they fear that even if they do succeed in stopping they will be miserable and feel deprived for the rest of their lives. These are the fears that keep drinkers hooked and Allen Carr’s method simply blows them all away!

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