How do I lose weight and keep it off?

Written by: John Dicey | Last updated/Reviewed: 07 Feb 2022

Reviewed by: Paul Baker

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The most important thing is to change your mentality and approach rather than simply changing what you eat. Crash diets rely on you having the willpower to resist the temptation of eating the food (and drinking the drinks) that have caused you to gain weight. After a while, your willpower collapses. Change your thinking if you want to succeed.

    1. Sugar addiction is a likely factor;

      If you’ve been on endless diets, low carb, high fat or otherwise and your current favourite foods are bread, pasta, rice, fries/potatoes then there is every chance that you have an issue with sugar addiction.

    2. It’s not just the obvious foods that cause the problem;

      we often think it’s just the obvious foods that cause us problems; chocolates, cookies, sweets and candy, but beware of simply tackling those foods when it’s likely that processed and starchy carbs are doing you just as much harm.

    3. A couple of pounds per week is perfect;

      the important thing is to lose weight gradually. You should be perfectly happy to lose a couple of pounds per week. If you imagine the effect of doing that for just a couple of months it should excite you. Losing weight in this way is the best way.

    4. A change in lifestyle rather than a crash diet;

      losing weight steadily by changing your lifestyle rather than going on a crash diet, means that you should keep the weight off. This is just as important as losing the weight.

    5. Losing weight, and keeping it off, is 1% physical and 99% mental;

      correcting the misconceptions that keep you trapped eating the wrong foods that cause you to not only gain weight but also feel tired, miserable and unfit is essential. You may be surprised that the issue is 1% physical and 99% mental.

    6. Don’t focus on calories;

      losing weight shouldn’t involve you feeling hungry or deprived, if it does, then failure will follow. It’s a case of eating as much as you want of great food rather than eating crumbs of the food that’s made you overweight.

    7. Avoiding the “on a diet” mentality is key;

      don’t start off with a feeling of doom and gloom because you feel you can’t have the food you really want, start off celebrating that you’ve finally worked out how to be free from the poisons that made you overweight.

    8. Get your head right and it’s easy to lose weight (and keep it off);

      as long as you change your thinking and see the food that has made you overweight for what it is; poisonous, toxic, and addictive junk that’s made you ill, you’ll find it easy.

There are no points to count or difficult recipes to follow as part of our weight loss programme. There are no prescribed meal plans to stick to – just a radical weight control method that can inspire you to change your relationship with food and enable you to really enjoy a healthier way of eating.

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