Top 10 benefits of employee assistance programmes (EAP)

Discover the Top 10 Benefits of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) for your business. From reducing stress to increasing productivity.

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Wellbeing at Work

It’s universally accepted that the health of any business or organisation depends very much on the physical and mental health, happiness, and general wellbeing of its most important asset: it’s people.

Many companies already offer Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) but employees often have issues and addictions that they do not disclose or want to share. The best programmes therefore offer instant access to a suite of online video programmes with anonymous access designed to help the viewer get to grips with a host of addictions and wellbeing issues.

The workplace wellbeing sector is already saturated with providers of services. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are often combined with incentives and perks that promote mental & physical health, fitness, and wellbeing.

Some also provide access to counselling and advisory services but few, if any, provide instant access to a suite of online video programs designed to help the viewer get to grips with a host of addictions and wellbeing issues.

It’s universally accepted that the health of any business or organization depends very much on the physical and mental health, happiness, and general wellbeing of its most important asset: it’s people.

With a few notable exceptions, most employers genuinely care about their people. The advantages of a happy, contented, “great-to-be-here” vibe in the workplace are enjoyed by everyone in every part of the business – from the shop floor to the boardroom.

Working for someone who is as considerate of their employees’ environment & wellbeing as they are about the buzz of business has a huge impact on everyone’s enjoyment of working life. If that’s our main goal there are some brilliant “side-effects” that businesses enjoy as a result of creating a nurturing, caring, fun workplace.

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Top 10 Benefits of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPS)

  1. Reduced levels of sick leave; 

    Healthier and happier employees get ill less often and when they do get ill they experience less severe symptoms and recover more quickly.

  2. Reduced presenteeism; 

    The issue of “not firing on all cylinders” while at work can have many causes. The symptoms are easy to spot – making more mistakes than usual, lower than expected standard of work, impaired efficiency and productivity, poor attention to detail, missing breaks/lunch, normally while working long hours.

  3. Reduced insurance costs; 

    Healthier employees lean less heavily on health insurance and lead to reduced premiums – especially for health insurers who reward healthy behaviours.

  4. Reduced workplace conflict between employees; 

    Healthier, happier colleagues create stronger teams and a sense of synergy. Being healthier and fitter makes people generally less grouchy, less negative, and less needlessly confrontational.

  5. Reduction in disciplinary actions; 

    Extraordinarily – even something like reducing the number of smokers has been proven to result in a drop in disciplinary action being taken. Apply that to employees getting free from other drugs such as alcohol, cannabis, and cocaine or learning coping skills through mindfulness or improving fitness through weight loss – as employee health and fitness increases – you can expect disciplinary issues to subside.

  6. Calmer, more thoughtful decision-making; 

    Being less stressed, more energetic, less weighed down with substance issues, physical, or mental health issues leads employees to operate more efficiently in a more level-headed, considered fashion.

  7. Improved productivity; 

    More alert, more ‘with it’, happier, healthier, and fitter employees who enjoy their work environment, take less illicit breaks from work, and feel good about themselves and are far more productive than those who do not.

  8. Reduced unauthorised absences; 

    Whether someone is weighed down by the kind of exhaustion that can be generated by a cocaine problem or a caffeine problem, or just prone to endless trips outside for sneaky cigarette, vape, or coffee break on top of authorised breaks – unscheduled time away from the workspace costs money and impedes productivity.

  9. Reduced exposure to criminal behaviour; 

    The only thing worse than having employees working whilst under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol is discovering that drugs are stored and sometimes dealt from your work premises. A network that distributes drugs throughout your workplace engaging senior and junior employees can compromise relationships, staff discipline, and management.

  10. Reduced workplace accidents; 

    Another surprising result from reducing the number of employees who smoke is that workplace accidents are reduced. It has to do with greater wellbeing, concentration, and focus and the same impact can be had when employees get rid of other addictions and negative behaviours.

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Final thoughts

The health of your business depends on the health of your employee population. A healthier, happier, more contented workforce creates a more productive workplace environment and a great return on investment.

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