What do I do if I want a cigarette?

It is important to realise that what you are craving for doesn’t exist, learn more watching our video. Discover the truth about your desires with our guidance.

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I quit smoking a few days ago and I’m still craving to smoke



Well, my advice would be to realize that what you’re craving for doesn’t actually exist.

You’re thinking about having one cigarette.

But what you’re actually saying to yourself is that you’d like to be a smoker again.

Just remember all the time and effort and money you put into achieving being a non-smoker.

Do you really want to go back to those dark days as a smoker?

If you followed one of the instructions within the programme, you would have written down a list of all the things you felt as a smoker and the reasons why you wanted to quit.

I suggest that maybe you dig out that list now and have a good read.

But just remember, there is no such thing as one cigarette.

You have a very simple choice to make.

You can remain a happy non-smoker for the rest of your life, but you can go back into the smoking trap.

There is no such thing as one cigarette.

It’s a very simple decision to make happy non-smoker for life or miserable smoker for life.

Think about how you’re feeling right now.

If I said to you, where does it actually hurt?

Where are you going?

To point to your knee to your stomach?

Or would you point more to your mind? In fact, you may still be in the stage where nicotine is leaving your body and you’re feeling that slight, empty feeling that as a smoker you used to interpret as I want a cigarette.

I want you to be very aware of what that feeling really is.

This is the feeling that smokers suffer their entire lives between cigarettes.

It’s the only reason they light the next cigarette to try and get rid of the feeling caused by the previous cigarette.

And the one thing that won’t get rid of this empty, insecure feeling is another cigarette.

It will just create it again and again.

You’ve put out your last cigarette.

The feelings that you’re currently experiencing will soon be gone, never to return.

The only thing that won’t get rid of those feelings is another cigarette.

So don’t even think about lighting one.