Vaping: ease of access signals products are safe

A new study in Australia by the Cancer Council shows that more than a third of young adults vape and that seventy five percent of parents believe their child is vaping.

young man vaping
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The ease of access to vapes and e-cigarettes is also signalling that the products are not harmful and that is the growing perception.

These findings were from the Australian national generation vape study  which tracks teenager’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviours towards e-cigarettes and vaping in general.

The vast majority of teenagers who vaped (67%) did so knowing that they contained nicotine but Alecia Brooks, co-author of the study said “The single biggest thing that’s driving [vaping] use is that the product is so easily accessible.

“If a product is easy to get, it sends a signal to young people that these products are somewhat safe, because if they weren’t safe then the government would be removing them from the shelves.”

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