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Our on-demand video program is the quickest, easiest and most immediate way of accessing Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Cannabis, when you want, where you want.

We don’t focus on the downsides of smoking weed – you know all about those already.

Instead the program answers the question “What’s so great about being a cannabis smoker or using it in any other way?”

Understanding that is the key to being set free.

The approach is simple, logical and can even help those who are not sure they want to stop smoking weed completely.

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Icon for No Substitutes or medications

No Substitutes or medications

Icon for The program takes only 3 1/2 hours

The program takes only 3 1/2 hours

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No willpower

Icon for No bad withdrawal symptoms

No bad withdrawal symptoms

Icon for Over 50 million people helped

Over 50 million people helped

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World Health Organization Partner

What’s included?

The online video program is presented by one of our most experienced facilitators, who has personally helped thousands of people, including many celebrities.

  • Access to pre-recorded videos in 3 parts
  • 3 1/2 hours total duration
  • 15 days access
  • Language – English
  • Subtitles in English (just click cc on the video)
  • Interest free payment installment option via PayPal in UK or US
  • We promise no scare tactics

We recommend you watch in one sitting but if time is an issue we suggest watching Parts 1-2 one day, and Part 3 the following day

What is included in an online video programme

What happens during the program?

Our on-demand video program is the quickest, easiest and most immediate way to stop smoking weed from the comfort of your own home.

See our short video to see what you can expect.

We help you to understand your addiction
We show you how to transform it
We remove the fear so you can set yourself free
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A short trailer of the video program

Imagine what the effects of cannabis would be like to someone who has never heard of it,

who has never been brainwashed or warned about the effects and has never had a chance to build up a tolerance to them.

Imagine, they were tricked into consuming a large amount and suddenly found themselves unable to see think, move or talk properly.

Of course not.

Let’s return to the pilot analogy one last time.

Imagine being a passenger on that flight through the fog and watching the pilot smoking a big fat doobie.

Understanding why you smoke weed

The program does not use any scare tactics or shocking images of the harm that weed – cannabis – marijuana does.
You know all about that already.
Instead we examine and correct the misconceptions that keep all cannabis smokers and users trapped.

We don’t just look at the physical addiction but the mental aspect as well. You may be surprised that the addiction is 1% physical and 99% mental.

This is the most important aspect of stopping smoking weed with – as long as we ‘get your head right’ the physical aspects of the addiction are actually incredibly mild.

We know at this point you will find this hard to believe but it only takes a few hours for us to show you how.

understanding why you are addicted

What is it that keeps you hooked?

Weed smokers and users believe that they get some sort of genuine pleasure or benefit from cannabis.

That it helps them enjoy life, handle stress, relax and socialize.

For this reason they fear that even if they do succeed in stopping they will be miserable and feel deprived for the rest of their lives.

In addition to that fear, they also fear the downside of drug addiction; the health worries, the stigma, the cost, the slavery and although they work hard not to think about them they remain like a huge dark cloud at the back of their mind.

These are the fears that keep them hooked.

The method removes your need and desire to smoke weed and removes the fears that keep you hooked.

Finding Freedom

You will finish the program as a happy non-weed addict without any need for useless aids or substitutes.

The video program removes any feeling of deprivation, leaving you in the right frame of mind to be free from cannabis.

By following some simple instructions you will find that the physical withdrawal from marijuana is hardly noticeable.

You will not miss Weed – Cannabis – Marijuana!

You can start right now, wherever you are as long as you have a good internet/Wi-Fi connection.

The online video program is available 24/7

Frequently asked questions

Which of your programs is best for me? online video program, seminar or book?


The seminar boasts the highest success rate of 90% and a full money back guarantee for smoking, alcohol and drugs. It’s the most powerful way of accessing Allen Carr’s Easyway method either at a center or online via Zoom.

Our online video programs allow you to stop when you want and where you want. It is not a seminar, neither is it a recording of one, but a standalone program in its own right. Unlike our center seminars you will not be able to speak directly with an Allen Carr’s Easyway facilitator.

The book, audiobooks and apps allow you to go through the method at your own pace.

How successful is Allen Carr’s Easyway? / What is your success rate?


The success rate at Allen Carr’s Easyway Centres is over 50% after 12 months as indicated in independent scientific studies in peer review journals1.

It is also more effective than established government programmes including the gold standard NHS 1-1 service & the Irish Health Service’s based on two randomised controlled trials published in a peer reviewed journals.

Read more about the Easyway success rate

Are there terrible withdrawal pangs from taking drugs?


Many believe that drug withdrawal is difficult and unpleasant, and this belief would create a tremendous fear of quitting drugs for anyone, but withdrawal is not as bad as people fear.

The reality is that drug users go into withdrawal whenever they finish taking their drug. It is an illusion that there is physical withdrawal pain from the drug itself. We are never badly addicted to the chemical itself.

Read full article

Where do I login?


Once you have bought your online video on-demand programme you will receive an email as well as log in details to the My Account area of the website.

The My Account area of the website is found in the top right corner of every screen

Just log in and you will be able to start viewing the product that you bought.

How do you extend the online video program?


To extend your online video program please log in to the My Account area (top right corner of every page of the website).

Find your online video program and on expiry you will see an option to extend.