Mindfulness courses – 8 week online session

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Learn how mindfulness can help relieve stress, anxiety and depression; improve relationships; improve sleep and help you to enjoy life to the max.

Your therapist Emma Hudson has an MSc in Mindfulness Approaches from Bangor University, and has been teaching mindfulness and yoga to both adults and children, for over 10 years. 

She has been a Senior Allen Carr’s Easyway therapist for 16 years, and looks forward to introducing you to Allen Carr’s Easyway to Mindfulness.

Icon for The course is for 8 weeks

The course is for 8 weeks

Icon for No more stress

No more stress

Icon for Better sleep

Better sleep

Icon for No more anxiety

No more anxiety

Icon for No more depression

No more depression

Icon for Over 50 million people helped

Over 50 million people helped

What’s included?

The live group seminar is delivered by a fully qualified, highly experienced senior therapist online using Zoom via a computer, tablet or smartphone.

You don’t need anything else – not even a mat!

  • Live presentation and interaction with therapist
  • 2 hour sessions every Thursday 7pm – 9pm
  • 8 week course 
  • 15 people attending
  • Guided meditation at every session
  • Mediation either seated or lying down (no mat needed)
  • No experience required
  • Interest free payment instalment option via PayPal in UK or US

What happens during the course?

Week 1: The myths and illusions of mindfulness. 

The formal and informal practices. A guided body scan.

Week 2: How mindfulness can help relieve symptoms of stress.

 The neuroscience of stress; how mindfulness changes brain networks to help relieve symptoms. Neuroscience research. A guided body scan.

Week 3: How mindfulness can help relieve emotional pain. 

Forgiveness, letting go and how mindfulness can help prevent depressive episodes. Counting the breath guided meditation.

Week 4: How mindfulness can help symptoms of fear. 

Disidentifying. Find out ‘who you really are.’ Follow the breath guided meditation.

Week 5: How willpower is unhelpful for addiction and mindfulness

Acceptance. Self-compassion. Sleep. Change. Follow the breath guided meditation.

Week 6: The truth about mindfulness. 

How mindfulness can help deal with physical pain. Addiction. Happiness. Follow the breath guided meditation.

Week 7: How to keep your mindfulness practice going. 

Recap. Open presence guided meditation.

Week 8: Where to go from here. 

Retreats. Open presence guided meditation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Meditate?

  • We meditate to train the mind to be present to what is happening right now.
  • Often our minds are busy planning, ruminating, or solving – and while all these are massively beneficial – often our minds do not know when to stop. If we are trying to solve a problem – whilst listening to our 10-year-old child tell us about their day – not only will we miss what they are saying – we will miss the value of the moment.
  • We meditate to take control of our minds.
  • We meditate to understand we are not our thoughts.
  • We meditate to be able to stay focused.
  • We meditate to live a happier life.

Why be mindful?

  • To learn to respond rather than react to our emotions.
  • To be grateful for what we have.
  • To be a better friend / partner / work colleague.
  • To improve relationships with our children and family members
  • So we don’t miss out on life
  • To improve our relationship with ourselves.
  • To be kinder to ourselves and others.
  • To understand ourselves and our habitual behaviours and realise we have the possibility to change.
  • We practice mindfulness to live a happier life.

How do I start meditation?


There is much neuroscience research to show regular meditation practice strengthens parts of the brain associated with concentration and decision making. If it is possible to strengthen these areas through practice, then we can train the mind to stay present.

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What is mindfulness?


Mindfulness is a wonderful way of reconnecting with yourself and regaining control and influence over all aspects of your life. It doesn’t necessarily get rid of problems or issues – or even solve them – but it can fundamentally change the way you think and feel about them and make sure that you minimise their impact on you mind, body, and spirit or simply don’t allow them to impact you at all.

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