How to quit vaping – the easy way – featured in The Times

A 4-page article in The Times tells the story of how three people quit vaping with Allen Carr’s Easyway.

Allen Carr's Easyway to quit vaping book cover
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Three people quit vaping with Allen Carr’s Easyway featured in the Times newspaper

A 4-page article tells the story of how they quit vaping.

One read the book, and two more attended an Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Vaping Live Group Seminar.

They all spoke at length about how addicted they became to vaping and how the physical toll that vaping took on their bodies seemed to be worse than they experienced as smokers.

I can’t believe I’m addicted to smoking a battery

At 58, Dionne, a community case worker from Essex, said, “I can’t believe I’m addicted to smoking a battery”.

She went on to say, “I sit in my car and I vape nonstop. I hate the way it has me hooked — it’s so addictive.” She went through at least one Elf Bar a day!

One Elf Bar, which comes in 28 flavours, pre-filled with 20mg nicotine salt liquid, is the equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes, according to websites selling vapes.

Some sources have put the nicotine level per Elf Bar even higher: the same as 48-50 cigarettes.

Dionne, who has now gone on to be a happy non-vaper said, “You smoke a vape far more than you would pick up a cigarette, I don’t think I’ve ever smoked 20 cigarettes in one day. And I’ve never smoked inside. Never. But vaping seems to be different.”

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The convenience of vaping soon became its particular evil

Isolde Walters, a journalist with The Times, also talks about her experiences as a vaper.

“The convenience of vaping soon became its particular evil. I vaped everywhere — at home, in restaurants, underneath a blanket on aeroplanes.

While cigarettes have an end point — you smoke them and stub them out — a vape goes on and on until it dies… and then you go out and buy another”.

On the subject of health concerns she comments, “I began to question the supposed health benefits of vaping compared with cigarettes.

I had been smoking for 20 years but I had never noticed such obvious respiratory symptoms.

I called it the “lung crackle” — a horrible rattling wheeze as I inhaled that left me wondering what the hell these delicious flavoured e-cigs were doing to my insides”.

Isolde tells how she finally got free from vaping, “In January 2021, the Allen Carr organisation published a timely new version, Easy Way to Quit Vaping.

I bought a copy, followed the instructions to keep puffing away while reading it, found it rather boring and repetitive, had my last vape, threw the Elf Bar into the bin and, miracle of miracles, I have not vaped for 333 days since — the first time in 20 years that I have not regularly ingested some form of nicotine”.

Allen Carr's Easyway to quit vaping book cover

Nicotine has had me in a chokehold since my teens

Finally, Georgina Roberts, another journalist from The Times, who also attended an Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Vaping Live Seminar finally got free from vaping after doing so.

Before the seminar she said, “Nicotine has had me in a chokehold since my teens.

I first started rolling Golden Virginia cigarettes after school as an act of rebellion during my parents’ divorce.

By my first year of university I was smoking five roll-ups a day.

I moved on to vaping in my early twenties, not as a way to give up smoking but because my friends were obsessed with the first “It-vape”, Juul.

Then along came Elf Bars, the colourful disposable vapes that line off-licence shelves and hang from the mouths of teenagers and suited professionals alike.

Now, the first thing I do when I wake up is reach for the vape I keep stashed beneath my pillow.

There have been undeniable red flags. For months, I’ve been spitting blood when I brush my teeth. And at Glastonbury last month, I lost my voice as soon as I got through my supply of six Elf Bars in just three days”.

Georgina has the last word two weeks after attending the live seminar, “Who knows how long this will last, but for now, I am vape-free and thrilled about it”.

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