How I quit my phone addiction

Is checking your messages getting out of control? Then read how you can get healthier phone habits .

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Great article by Valentine McKinley about how when checking her messages got out of control she turned to Allen Carr’s Easyway and her phone habits got healthier.

“Like many people, I used to check my phone basically any time there was a lull in activity of more than 30 seconds.

If I was having dinner with my partner and he went to the bathroom, my phone would be out in an instant.

If I was waiting for a train.

If I was waiting for the kettle to boil.

If I was listening to a podcast and it got a bit boring.

If I was listening to a friend and they got a bit boring — well, I wouldn’t actually take it out then. But I’d feel a twitch toward it……

In the end, it wasn’t so much like choosing the obviously better option — I mean, I’ve known for years that there are better options than getting tense and wired every time I have a “break.”

It was more like the decision was made for me at a layer deeper than my usual verbal thinking brain. It just settled there and became reality.

In fact, the urge to check my phone faded to the degree that I sometimes forget to check my phone all day, to the annoyance of co-workers trying to contact me”.

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