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Is social media and gaming addictive?

How is a mostly mental addiction so hard to break? What’s the difference between a movie and scrolling through TikTok or playing a computer game? Read more to find out

Shocking! A third of 5-7-year-olds use social media unsupervised

Ofcom calls for Big Tech to help but the issue needs tackling closer to home

Phone addictions are on the rise and this is how...

Most digital users don’t even realise they are being controlled by their devices. Learn how to be free from tech, digital and smartphone addiction.

Spot the signs of gaming addiction & how to quit...

Learn how to spot the signs of gaming addiction and take the necessary steps to quit with our helpful guide. Get on the path to recovery today.

How I quit my phone addiction

Is checking your messages getting out of control? Then read how you can get healthier phone habits .

Smart phone dumb phone: free yourself from digital addiction

Smart Phone Dumb Phone: Free Yourself from Digital Addiction featured in this week’s ‘HELLO!’ magazine.

Love Island Withdrawal Symptoms? Is TV Addiction a Real Thing?

Amid reports of ITV's 'Love Island' fans suffering withdrawal symptoms following the finale episode this week the London Evening Standard asked us to look into the phenomena of TV addiction...