Arlene Phillips endorses the Allen Carr’s Easyway method

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It’s lovely to see another endorsement for Allen Carr’s Easyway method in the Daily Express in the UK. Arlene Phillips, former Strictly Come Dancing judge and all round lovely lady talks about how Allen’s “Easyway To Enjoy Flying” book has helped her overcome her fear of flying.

“I’m not a good flier so I need to remind myself of things to do to calm myself beforehand. So I always take this with me to the airport. It’s full of little rules on how to relax before taking to the skies.”

It’s great to see such great feedback for a much underrated book which, even though little known, rates at 4.5 stars on Amazon. I remember Allen writing the book when I was a fledging therapist at the London Clinic. Even though Allen was a massive influence on me, and incredible mentor, and (let’s face it) he saved my life when I stopped smoking I am ashamed to admit to being a little bit sceptical about whether the method could be applied to the fear of flying. I’m even more embarrassed to admit that as I’d got a little older I’d developed a serious dislike of flying myself. Even up to the point that I started to read the finished book I felt sceptical – but to be honest – it really, really helped me.

It became very natural to apply the method to a whole host of addictions and issues. In print we have books that help people stop smoking, control weight, stop drinking alcohol, enjoy flying, and stop worrying, and the flagship clinic in London, UK, provides seminars that handle smoking (as do the 150+ centres in 45+ countries worldwide), but also weight control, alcohol, heroin, cannabis, prescription drugs, and other drugs. We have an ongoing publishing pipeline which includes books on handling these issues as well as many others. We’re busy applying the method to as many issues and addictions as possible.

Unsolicited endorsements by folks such as Arlene Phillips are so very much appreciated by us, they broadcast Allen Carr’s method to audiences who might otherwise never have come across it.

As for my fear of flying…the only thing that puts me off flying these days is the thought of my luggage going missing ;-)”

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